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Are you a BUSY professional struggling to juggle it all?


Work, Life, Family, Love...



And you're feeling OVERWHELMED?




A little TOO irritated at times?




Trying to make everyone else happy. 


No time or energy left at the end of the day to take GOOD CARE of you.

 The Visionistas Team

will use the signature Dream, Design, Deliver Formula to guide you on your journey of DESIGNING and DELIVERING the life and love of your DREAMS!

The Visionistas Team will help you:

- Increase Your Confidence.

Decrease Your Stress.

- Improve Your Balance, Connection, and Joy.

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We can help you get your life together.


Feel balanced and peaceful with increased clarity, focus, and control. 


So that you can DESIGN and DELIVER the love and life of your DREAMS!!

Client Testimonials

Dr. Lyz

Licensed Psychologist 
Life & Love Coach
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Samantha Arnold

Certified Image Consultant
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Aliya Kenyatta, LSW

Dating Coach & Relationship Specialist
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Hannah Bennett

Social Media & Administrative Coordinator
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Join Dr. Lyz and the Visionistas Team!

~ Aliya Kenyatta, Samantha Arnold, and Hannah Bennett ~

Healthy By Design is a Virtual Group Coaching Program that delivers an intuitive, empowered approach to healthy, joyful living.


We can't wait to help you Deliver the Life and Love of your Dreams!

Get on the Waitlist and be the first to know when the next season of the Healthy By Design Program begins!

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Start living well with balance of Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit.

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Client Testimonials!

We know this program works, because we have seen it help change lives! We would love to connect with you too and help you on your transformation journey of healing + growth!

G, 2021 Participant

“I was on an endless cycle of starting something because "I should" only to feel guilt and failure when I deviated from the plan….The constant chatter of self- doubt and criticism that was a direct result of my mind comparing my actions to others in a way that was never positive. 

"I used to focus strictly on my appearance and now I have a better understanding of the connection that my heart, soul and spirit play in my well-being. … I have a different perspective on my body and body image than I had before.  Once I got to a point where I accepted myself for who I am, my self- image soared. It was no longer about what I looked liked, what I had, what I did for a living, it is now about WHO I AM! What a thing to celebrate!


“I have a sense of confidence at the end of this journey that I didn’t have before.  Once I understood the connection that Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit have with each other and the need to find balance, my entire feeling about myself changed. It was both liberating and profound! Feelings of Joy and acceptance that I once tried to ignore, now are things that occur on a regular basis.


“Participation in the Healthy By Design Program helped me to stop 'dragging my feet' and take meaningful action. Now I know that I am on the right path to where I want to go, who I want to be. I can't begin to list all the positive things that have happened as a result of Healthy by Design. I'm extremely grateful to the Visionistas for what they have done for me." - G - a 2021 Healthy By Design Program Participant

K, 2021 Participant

“I was really stressed out when I started and feeling burnt out more often than not. I took it [the resiliency assessment] at the beginning of the course and just re-took it [at the end]. My [resiliency] score went up...so, I think that is remarkable!

“My goal [for the program] was to gain more self-esteem/confidence and finally get myself healthy...I am happy to report that I have been working with a personal trainer for almost a month.

"I am actually looking at myself on my computer right now and am calling myself pretty. I have not said that in so long about myself. It is so cool…

"Regarding overall thoughts about the program, it was a wonderful, wonderful program and I am very proud to be a part of it”. - K, a 2021 Spring Healthy By Design Program Participant

Hannah Bennett

I know what you’re thinking…”but Hannah, you are one of the team members contributing to Healthy By Design? Why would you write a testimonial?!”

In my job as the Visionistas Team Administrator and Social Media Coordinator, I am tasked with going through the finite details of everything we create and put out into the world - social media, Design Guides, and events/programs such as this one. So, once Dr. Lyz created the e-course “Designing and Delivering the Life and Love of Your Dreams” to go along with the Healthy By Design Program, I was entrusted to go through and complete the course, provide my honest feedback, and share any edits that needed to be made.

"While it initially seemed like another piece of my job, I quickly learned it was much more. In watching the videos and completing the journal prompts, I found myself immediately deepening my relationship with myself. The videos provided insight to patterns in my behavior and allowed me to look at myself - body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit - in a new light. The journal prompts allowed me to ponder and ask myself the questions I never thought to. During the group coaching calls, I found myself sharing advice…and then realizing that I may need to take some of it myself. As time went on and I was beginning to implement more and more of my newfound knowledge into my life, I knew this program played a key part in it.

I can truly say that the Healthy By Design Program helped to initiate this positive change in my life. I know it will continue as we enter this next season and cannot wait to see how it impacts others too!"