$589.00 USD

Master Course: Make More Money with the Enneagram and your Energy Flow

Learn about the Enneagram and your personal energy flow to Make More Money!! Don’t waste any more time, energy, or money! Remove the blocks to your success and level up in your career! We will help you achieve the success you are dreaming of! 

Your Master Course will include:

  • Eleven (11!) Self-directed Video Lessons (with Angie and Lyz) Including the following  information:
    • The Enneagram Typing System
      • Spiritual Attunement
      • Personality Triads
      • Soul Transformation
    • The formula to align your energy for your Enneagram type with your Values, Mission, and Vision
      • How to work with your energy flow
      • How to best utilize your natural gifts
      • How self-awareness can increase your energy
    • Personalized action plan to increase your confidence and Make More Money!
      • Remove the BLOCKS
      • Use your SUPERPOWERS
      • Achieve SUCCESS!
  • Downloadable Worksheets to help synthesize the information and apply it to your business goals


Course Objectives:

  1. Understand yourself using the Enneagram
  2. Align your energy -Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit- with your Values, Mission, and Vision. 
  3. Increase your self-awareness by integrating your Enneagram knowledge with your energy flow.
  4. Apply your self-awareness to level up your business and make more money.  

Consent: By engaging in this consultation, I consent to the terms and conditions (link below) and express understanding that the course is for educational purposes only; it is not mental health treatment. 

This program is 100% self-directed and designed to be completed by you at your personal pace according to your personal goals. You will have LIFETIME access to this course - it will be available to you in your library as long as the course lives on the internet!!  Options for additional support from Angie and Lyz can be found at their websites: www.angiemeyercoaching.com and www.drlyz.com 

Upon purchase, you will be prompted to create a password to log in to your personal program page - or to use your current password if you have previously done so.  If you have questions, please email: [email protected]

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