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Join us to clear your mind and relax your body in nature with serenity and peace.

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Mental Health + Wellness Ambassadors Program

Our consultation program empowers you and your staff to improve performance, to enhance work-life balance, to avoid burnout, and to improve team dynamics.

We provide consultation and training rooted in wellness principles that incorporate cutting-edge strategies from performance and sport psychology to: 

  • boost confidence,
  • improve communication, and¬†
  • achieve peak performance.

Call to schedule your free consultation and optimize your impact:


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I'm Dr. Lyz, an intuitive therapist+speaker+consultant. You can find me at my biz: Visionistas By Design Wellness Boutique.

As a licensed psychologist, love+relationship specialist, and wellness expert, I help you invest energetically in yourself to: heal, break free from old unhealthy patterns, and achieve ultimate self-awareness + LOVE! I empower you to align your energy with your Values+Mission+Vision, optimize your performance,  and manifest your dreams in life, work, and love!

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Love + Relationship Specialist

Bridal + Premarital Couples Coaching | Wedding Officiant

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Empowered BIZ 


Coaching Women to Level UP! and Make More Money!

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Are you a Business Owner? Leader? Healer? Coach?

Optimize your opportunity for SUCCESS in 3 easy Steps - Align your Energy with your Values, Mission, and Vision! Download our FREE "Dream, Design, Deliver" Signature Formula and Level UP Your Power to Help your Clients Manifest their Dreams!

the Empowered By Design podcast

Level UP in career, life, and love! Together we will.

Delivering inspirational stories, conversations, and lessons on the power of connection+emPOWERment+social justice advocacy; the power of tuning in - body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit to manifest your dreams - in life, work, and love - with intentional vision.

Available for listening on Apple, Amazon/Audible, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and Spotify, or coming soon to your favorite podcast app!

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Mental Health Resources

Check out my free resources designed to help you Be Well & Live Empowered.



with a mental health professional in your area.

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Visionistas By Design Wellness Boutique

Mental Health Services; Relationship Coaching; and Visionary Leadership Speaking + Consultation. 

‚Äč‚ÄčWe empower you to LEAD with LOVE - an intuitive, visionary approach that empowers value-driven leadership in life, work, and love.

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Empowered By Design Podcast

Inspirational stories, conversations, + lessons on the power of tuning in to your intuition, seeing the signs, and listening to the whispers from angels to pursue your dreams - in life, work, and love - with intentional vision.


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