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The FUN Love! Formula highlights the importance of balance in creating and maintaining healthy relationships in life, work and LOVE!!

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Wedding Officiant

with Storied Celebrations

I am so excited to collaborate with you to design the wedding ceremony of your dreams! Don't settle for a dull, boring wedding. Let's customize a ceremony to capture and celebrate your unique love story!

As an intuitive therapist, I help you feel relaxed and confident so that you can embrace the magical moments of your special day with balance, joy, and FUN!

At Storied Celebrations we perform legal marriage ceremonies, elopements, and vow renewals. Secure us for your date today!

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Are You A Bride to Be??!

Are the wedding plans becoming overwhelming? You want that PERFECT Dream Day? And difficult decisions keep getting in the way?

Envision pure BLISS - your DREAM Wedding Day with NO REGRETS!!


Bridal Coaching Program at Visionistas By Design:

From I WILL! to I DO!! & Happily Ever After!

**BONUS** The Bridal Coaching Program includes access to the on-line course: "Self-Love 101"! ($94 value included for FREE!)

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Amanda+Nick, married 8.12.22

“The premarital coaching program was truly a positive experience for us. We enjoyed learning about ourselves - about each other’s love languages - and the discussions that developed after the information we shared.  Thank you for the great sessions! And champagne!”

Relationship Coaching Programs

A real-life approach to help you build on your strengths and navigate the ups and downs of life and love

We use a collaborative, strengths-based approach based on the unique needs and goals of each couple. Appointments are scheduled according to your relationship goals, and can include various combinations - (e.g., with the couple, with one partner, etc.).

Click the link below to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to learn more about our Relationship Coaching Programs and find out if it can help you accomplish your love+relationship goals!

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Photo of Erika and Ian

Erika + Ian

"The FUN Love! Formula helped us notice that we actually make a pretty strong couple!"

Where do I begin?

Self-love is the best place to start! When we truly love ourselves, we can engage in healthy, loving relationships with others!

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Relationship Consultation + Training for Leaders, Helpers, + Healers

The FUN Love! Formula is a strengths-based, wellness-focused approach to promote healthy, balanced relationships.

Social support is an integral factor in promoting overall health and wellness for individuals, couples, and families.

Partners who intentionally support one another using a wellness-focused approach optimize their potential for positive outcomes in life, work, and love. Unclear boundaries contribute to relationship tension, discord, and rupture. 

The FUN Love! Formula empowers boundary setting with respectful communication strategies based on shared values.

Help your clients establish a strong foundation of trust and navigate the broad scope of life experiences with balance, harmony, and joy.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about how you can implement the FUN Love! Formula in your work with individuals, couples, and families.

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Feel excited about LOVE again! 

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Many couples lose that fun romantic spark over time. Instead of dreamy glances and passionate kisses, maintaining the love and connection can feel like work.

Who has time for more work?

We help couples rediscover the flame!

Purchase our Dream Date Program and recapture the excitement and thrill of falling in love all over again!

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As Featured on the Empowered By Design Podcast Segment:

Love Stories!

Are you feeling STUCK in the BLAME GAME??!


Is communication a constant STRUGGLE?

Having the same arguments over and over

Searching for the spark that brought you together in the first place??

When you use the FUN Love Formula:


Cindy, 2022 Participant

“The FUN Love! Workshop was so helpful.  It helped us notice how our struggles have come from misperception and miscommunication and highlighted the importance of keeping the lines of communication open.”

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Dan, 2022 Participant

“The FUN Love! Workshop helped us open up to explore our dynamics as a couple.  The diagram helped us to see the disconnect between our expectations and reality.”

Tips For Keeping Marriage FUN! Meet My Valentine, Chad, Ep.56

I am so excited to introduce you to my husband, Chad!  In his first guest appearance on the podcast, we chat about the ups and downs of marriage and offer 4 tips for how to keep your romantic relationship fun, exciting, and sexy! 

We share the beginning of our love story, our dreams for the future, and what we love about our life right now.  We also talk about some challenges that we have faced along the way and tips for navigating change and individual differences with respect and kindness. 

Stay tuned all the way to the end to hear our version of the “not-so-newlywed-game” and see which of us knows the other partner better!!

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