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Fighting less!


Loving more!




Laughing together!

Walking hand in hand!

 Tackling the ups and downs as a TEAM!

Connecting with each other in peace, comfort, serenity and love!

Are you feeling STUCK in your relationship??!


Is communication a constant STRUGGLE?

And it's easier to avoid talking about the tough stuff? 

Are you searching for the spark that brought you together in the first place??

Do you wonder how you even made it this far????

When you use the FUN Love Formula:


Photo of Erika and Ian

Erika + Ian, 2022 Participants

"The FUN Love! Workshop helped us notice that we actually make a pretty strong couple!"

Relationships Are Hard! 

This virtual workshop series for couples will teach you the formula to avoid unnecessary arguments and to enhance your connection.


Relationships are HARD!!!! (Can I get an AMEN?!!)

I have made mistakes in the game of love.  I’ve struggled with fear and doubt - “How are we going to make it???”

After nearly 16 years of marriage, I am happy to report that there are certain strategies that REALLY WORK!!!!! (And I created this program to share them with you!!!)

Don’t make the same mistakes we made.  (And, since you’re human, you’ve probably already made some of your own - I’ll teach you some tools to help you STOP repeating them!!)

Love is not always easy, but it CAN BE FUN and healthy!!!! 

The FUN Love Program offers a real life approach to help you navigate the ups and downs of life and love together.  I deliver tools to help you dial down the stress, dial up the sparkle, and dust off the memories to celebrate the FUN Love that brought you together in the first place!!

Cindy, 2022 Participant

“The FUN Love! Workshop was so helpful.  It helped us notice how our struggles have come from misperception and miscommunication and highlighted the importance of keeping the lines of communication open.”

I’m Dr. Lyz - 

a licensed psychologist, and owner of Visionistas By Design Wellness Boutique in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. I love chatting about dreams (all kinds - the ones we have at night, during the day, what we want in the future). 

I am a romantic  - I LOVE love! And, I’m always asking to hear their stories about “how we fell in love”.  I also love chatting about style and beauty, watching football, playing cards, and eating gummy bears.  (One of my favorite guilty pleasures!). I only love cooking when I’m in the kitchen with a side-kick, not all-by-myself.  I am most at peace at the beach, and I love to sing (mostly in my car!).

I am a mom of two beautiful souls who keep me on my toes! My hubby and I have been married for almost 16 years!!! (And we’re still going strong!!) When our children were toddlers and I was a full-time graduate student - literally burning the candle at both ends - it felt like we were ships passing in the night.  It felt easier to ignore our disconnect than to figure out how to fix it.  


Until we couldn’t ignore it anymore - if we wanted to save our marriage and our family.  (And we really really did!!) We have experienced our share of emotional bumps and bruises in our relationship.  We made mistakes.  We lashed out.  We said mean things to each other.  We cried (well, mostly I cried and he just sat there).  


And, we have worked hard to navigate the ups and downs of life while prioritizing family time and connection.  We LOVE to laugh and we make intentional efforts to schedule in time for fun, friendly competition, travel, rest, and pleasure. And, now I’m delivering those tools and strategies to you!!


My passion in life is to empower others to experience the magic and power of building connection, love, and joy.  I am excited to share my lessons with you, so that you can deliver the life and love of your dreams - Body+Mind+Heart+Soul+Spirit!

This Program is FOR YOU!!!

If you want to - 

Try something that WORKS!

Get out of the rut of
*eye rolls* and
*throwing up your hands*  ...

... AND Instead 

🤍 Welcome a new perspective on your patterns as a couple,

🤍 Lower the stress in your household, 

🤍 Learn better strategies to get on the same page (and stay there!),

🤍 Increase your trust in each other, and

🤍 Dance together through the twists and turns of life with respect, kindness, and some laughter too …

Dan, 2022 Participant

“The FUN Love! Workshop helped us open up to explore our dynamics as a couple.  The diagram helped us to see the disconnect between our expectations and reality.”

Couples Coaching Program

A real-life approach to help you build on your strengths and navigate the ups and downs of life and love together - as a TEAM

This program delivers:

✅ Tools + Tips for improving COMMUNICATION!

✅ Strategies to manage stress and work towards your goals as a TEAM!

✅ Considerations for giving and receiving LOVE (in your language)!!

✅ Tips for enhancing intimacy with CONFIDENCE and TRUST!

✅ Strategies for setting and navigating boundaries with HONESTY and RESPECT!

✅ The Formula to make love FUN!

Contact us to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn more about our Couples Coaching Program and find out if it can help you accomplish your love+relationship goals!

Call Visionistas By Design Wellness Boutique at 610-365-5042 to set up your call!

Are You A Bride to Be??!

Are the wedding plans becoming overwhelming? You want that PERFECT Dream Day? And it seems like things keep getting in the way?

Helping you Design + Deliver Your DREAM Wedding Day with NO REGRETS!!


Bridal Coaching Program at Visionistas By Design:

From I WILL! to I DO!! & Happily Ever After!

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Tips For Keeping Marriage FUN! Meet My Valentine, Chad, Ep.56

I am so excited to introduce you to my husband, Chad!  In his first guest appearance on the podcast, we chat about the ups and downs of marriage and offer 4 tips for how to keep your romantic relationship fun, exciting, and sexy! 

We share the beginning of our love story, our dreams for the future, and what we love about our life right now.  We also talk about some challenges that we have faced along the way and tips for navigating change and individual differences with respect and kindness. 

Stay tuned all the way to the end to hear our version of the “not-so-newlywed-game” and see which of us knows the other partner better!!

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