Dr. Lyz DeBoer Kreider

Licensed Psychologist

Life & Love Coach

Hi, I'm Dr. Lyz.

“What I love most about my work is empowering people to achieve their goals, their dreams with intentional vision.

In the therapy work, I use a collaborative, relational approach to look at your life with you, because you are the expert on your life...becoming aware of what’s going on…

What is going on for you right now?  We look back, and reflect - what are some of the experiences that have brought you to this moment?  And help you strengthen the relationships with yourself and others.

Also we consider - what are the things that you hope to achieve? What are your goals? What are your dreams? What is your vision?  

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Life and Love Coaching

Romantic Couples

I can help you get your relationship back on track!!

Reignite your passion and romance using my signature Dream, Design, Deliver formula to

  • Rediscover your love
  • Enhance your intimacy
  • Design your path to enduring connection
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Life and Love Coaching

Healthy By Design Program

Join Dr. Lyz and the Visionistas Team - Aliya Kenyatta, Samantha Arnold, and Hannah Bennett -

for Healthy By Design, a Virtual Group Coaching Program designed to motivate and inspire you to reach your health, wellness, image, and relationship goals.

We will help you get back on track, to feel more peaceful, joyful, and connected - body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.

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Dr. Lyz uses an insight-oriented, collaborative style.  Her approach is integrative, drawing from interpersonal, and psychodynamic theories within a relational framework that honors cultural identity. 

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Group Therapy

Do you want to…

« Enhance your relationships?

« Increase your self-confidence?

« Improve your stress-management skills?

« Gain comfort in social situations?

« Feel more connected?

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In order to mitigate the risk of transmission of COVID-19, we are providing services via video conference. 

The utilization of teletherapy services will continue as an on-going option, as long as it is feasible and clinically appropriate.


the Empowered By Design Podcast


I'm so excited to share psychological concepts in real life terms that will empower a proactive approach to mental health and overall wellness while inviting balance, harmony, connection, and joy.

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