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Many couples lose that fun romantic spark over time.

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Are you starting to believe your unhealthy stories?

 "I'll never get it right."

“I’m going to be lonely forever.”

“I can’t make a relationship work.”

“Love is too hard, it’s not worth the effort.”

Tired of endless swiping that never leads to meaningful connection?

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The Dream Date Program will help you feel more connected and confident in love.    

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Dr. Lyz uses her signature formula - Dream, Design, Deliver - to guide you on the journey of re-discovering the love and connection you deeply desire  -  Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit.

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As Featured on the Empowered By Design Podcast Segment!


The Visionistas By Design

Dream Date Program

is a self-directed course that guides you through the process of self-reflection with attention to your experiences and desires in love and romance.

The Dream Date Program includes mini lessons - videos, and corresponding questions with tools and strategies that guide you through the three phases of the Visionistas By Design Signature Formula - Dream, Design, Deliver.  The program includes two (pdf) downloads to help walk you through the program with purpose and ease:

  • the Dream, Design, Deliver 28-page e-workbook and
  • the abbreviated Dream, Design, Deliver 2-page design guide.

How does the program work?

Upon purchase, you will receive a link to your personal program through Dr. Lyz’s website.  This course is 100% on-line and Dr. Lyz will be your coach through pre-recorded videos. 

We invite you to set aside 30-60 minutes to complete each of the 3 phases of the Dream Date Program, with an estimated range of 1.5 to 3 hours to complete the entire program.

Your total time for completion will depend upon your unique goals, your level of commitment, and your personal learning style. We understand that your level of satisfaction in the results will correspond to your level of effort.  (i.e., the more effort you put in, the more rewarding your results will be!).

You will have access to your Dream Date Program as long as it exists on the internet, so that you can complete it within a timeframe that works best for you. 

Don't spend another minute feeling lonely and discouraged about love! 

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