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"Trust the heart;

work your vision."


Level UP! in career, life, and love. Align your energy with your Values.


Level UP! in career, life, and love. Align your energy with your Mission.


Level UP! in career, life, and love. Align your energy with your Vision.


Professional coaching for women in leadership achieving Life-work Passion, Balance, and Flow.

Refreshing You! 


Energy + Confidence Consultation

Let’s boost your energy and your confidence and Make More Money!! Make it happen today!!! Do not wait one more minute to be the best version of yourself. 

Your 60-minute Individual Consultation with Dr. Lyz will include:

  • Confidence and Energy Inventory
  • Personal Energy Reading
  • Personalized Action Plan with Strategies to: 
    • Realign Your Energy, 
    • Enhance Your Balance, 
    • Boost Your Confidence, and
    • Make More Money!
  • Post-consultation Feedback Summary with Action Plan and Resources

Virtual and In-person Consultations.

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Love not only helps us feel excited and tingly inside,


LOVE helps us feel a deep sense of meaning, passion, and purpose in life!

Get in touch with your LOVE Vision at Visionistas By Design Wellness Boutique!!

How to make your LOVE life even better: 

❤️ Seeking clarity?

❤️ Looking for direction?

❤️ Longing for deeper connection?

❤️ Wishing for a shift in your love luck?


The Visions of Love Relationship Consultation with Dr. Lyz will help you understand your current love energy, clarify your desired love vision, and offer suggestions on your next steps to manifest the LOVE of your DREAMS!!

Pieces of the puzzle often lie within. Let’s uncover and put them together! Connect with me for your Visions of Love Relationship Consultation! –Dr. Lyz

Your 45-minute Personalized Visions of Love Relationship Consultation Includes:

  • Love+Relationship Energy Inventory;
  • Personal Energy Reading;
  • Personalized Action Plan with strategies to:
    • Clarify your Love+Relationship Vision,
    • Enhance Your Love Connection, and
    • Align Your Energy with your Love Vision!; and a
  • Post-consultation Feedback Summary with Action Plan and Resources

Virtual and In-person Consultations.

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Seeking direction,




Dream Big! Intuitive Energy Reading

Kick off your New Year celebration with an intuitive energetic reading designed to help align your energy with your BIG BOLD DREAMS for 2023! 


We draw from the collective archetypes card deck and make meaning in the images manifested in the realm of your life, love, dreams, vision, and soul energy.

By Appointment: 610-365-5042


Dream Vibe Tribe


Professional Women Empowering Abundance+Excellence+Peace

Do You Want it ALL?!

And sometimes Life-Work Passion and Balance seems impossible??!

For high vibe, heart-driven, passionate women who recognize the POWER of cultivating connection, tuning in, showing up with authenticity, investing in excellence, and aligning our energy with our values, mission, and vision.

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Beautiful Souls, Let's FLY!!!!!

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I’m Lyz, a hopeful romantic, mom of two beautiful souls, and partner to the love of my life. I love chatting about dreams  (all kinds - the ones we have at night, during the day, what we want in the future). I help you tune into your energetic presence and potential - to embrace balance, confidence, excellence, and peace!


I’m a licensed psychologist, host of the Empowered By Design Podcast, and owner of Visionistas By Design Wellness Boutique in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. One of my passions is bringing people together with the power of love and in the spirit of authentic connection. Another is empowering us to shine as we dance through the journey of life! You can connect with me and a collection of brilliant women in the private Facebook group: Dream Vibe Tribe.


Beautiful Souls, Let’s FLY!



Be Well,  Live Empowered.  Dream, Design, Deliver.

Our signature formula - Dream, Design, Deliver - inspires you to design and deliver the life and love of your dreams with Intentional Vision!

The Dream, Design, Deliver Signature Formula is a fluid process based on fundamental aspects of performance psychology with a holistic, relational approach. The formula incorporates mindset practices with behavioral strategies to help you achieve your personal, relational, and professional goals and dreams. 

The Dream, Design, Deliver Signature Formula empowers you to establish your goals, design a plan to accomplish them, and align your actions and energy - Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit - with intentional vision.

Download our free Dream, Design, Deliver Design Guide for pursuing your goals and dreams with intentional vision and enhance your life today!

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