Tips: How to Nail an Interview with Madeline Haller, Ep.136

Season #6 Episode #136

Interviews can be scary, nerve-racking, and intimidating!  We have the tips to make your next interview AMAZING!! Madeline Haller is a junior at Penn State University where she is pursuing a double major in human resources and psychology. Madeline has been on both sides of many successful interviews, and she joins me on this episode to share a few of her most important tips so that you enter into your next interview with confidence!  


#136 | Season 6: Rejoice! Ep. 10

Episode #136 Show Notes:        

#136 “Tips: How to Nail an Interview” Show Notes - Links and References:    

Snacks and Apps:


Introducing Madeline Haller for her very first guest appearance on the podcast!

We discuss: the Fun experiences we shared with Madeline as our intern and the overview of our signature Dream, Design, Deliver formula - for more details on the formula, listen to podcast episode #4: 

We lead you in an energy inventory - body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.


Tips to nail an interview:

1️⃣ Research company and role.

2️⃣ Know what you bring to the table.

3️⃣ Reciprocate small talk.

4️⃣ Dress professional, but comfortable.


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