Illuminate with FUN! Ep.142

Season #7

Welcome to Episode 7 of the Empowered By Design Podcast! And Happy Leap Year Day - we love celebrating at Visionistas By Design. Today is a very special day, we are gifted 24 extra hours in 2024 to live!!  How will you use this extra special gift from the universe - whether it is today or sometime throughout the year!


In this episode, we discuss our theme for Season 7: Illuminate with FUN!! We also celebrate our fun reconnection and start of Season 7; we discuss what we have been up to over the past several weeks - during the offseason - and chat about all the fun things coming in the upcoming weeks and months! I share with you the new version of my title - intuitive spirit - and what that means to me! I am so excited to invite you on this journey of illumination and fun with me!


#142 | Season 7: Illuminate! Ep. 1

Episode #142 Show Notes and Links:


New link for the podcast: 


Welcome to Catherine Grimes, RDN, LDN, of Flex Nutrition, LLC! Cat is a registered dietitian empowering her clients to build self-awareness and self-confidence through a positive relationship with food and movement. Find her on instagram 


Illumination circle page: 


Episode #141: Soar in 2024! Celebrate + Illuminate with a Card Pull!  - 



“Love Notes with Angie” Fun Announcement: this season will include a special segment focusing on love and relationship tips and strategies with a regular pop-up guest, my friend and colleague, Angie Alchemist, Enneagram + Human Design Guide. Listen to my previous episode with Angie and stay tuned for the future episodes to come!


Episode #110: Make More Money using the Enneagram with Angie Meyer -


Our very first illumination circle is happening 3/10/24 - here is the link to register! 


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