Love Notes with Angie, Ep.143

Season #7

Welcome to our new segment: Love notes with Angie! Today we are chatting with Angie Alchemist, Enneagram and Human Design coach. We talk about our journey celebrating our authenticity, embracing our intuitive gifts, and sharing how we started our “love notes”. Angie and I are both passionate about love and relationships and are showing up here to offer notes - tips, tools, wisdom, and inspiration -  that can help you enhance your relationships too! 


In the episode, I also announce some fun events coming up at Visionistas By Design - our International Women’s Day Celebration with Bloom for Women and My Sister’s Closet and the premiere of our illumination circle workshop, helping you: celebrate your authentic spirit; illuminate your soul path; and elevate your life’s passion!

#143 | Season 7: Illuminate! Ep. 2

Episode #143 Show Notes and Links: 

“Love Notes with Angie” Fun Announcement: this season will include a special segment focusing on love and relationship tips, strategies, wisdom, and inspiration with a regular pop-up guest, my friend and colleague, Angie Alchemist, Enneagram + Human Design Guide. Listen to my previous episode with Angie and stay tuned for the future episodes to come!

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All the fun things happening at Visionistas By Design Wellness Boutique: 


On March 9: In celebration of International Women’s Day weekend, we are so excited to be hosting My Sister’s Closet for a pop-up shop at Visionistas By Design! Collaborating with Bloom and My Sister’s Closet is very near and dear to our hearts. At Visionistas, we understand the power of collaboration and support in life in general, and especially through the experiences of trauma and survivorship. 

Our very first vision board party was held at Bloom Creative Studio in Bangor in 2018. We are so excited to be collaborating again with Bloom on this event!!

On March 10: Our very first illumination circle (in-person) is happening on 3/10/24: 

On March 24: Our *virtual illumination circle* is happening on 3/24/24: 


Here is the link to learn more about the illumination circles and register! 


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