The Power of a Rebrand with Tiffany Sondergaard, Ep.144

Season #7

“I need to go back to my roots”  – Tiffany Sondergaard on the Power of her Rebrand


Branding expert and owner of –ts Brand Elevation, Tiffany Sondergaard, joins me on today’s Empowered By Design podcast episode to discuss the power of a rebrand.   When the chaos of 2020 propelled Tiffany to re-evaluate her business, as so many professionals were forced to do in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic, she said “this is no longer working”. Tiffany did not throw in the towel and give up on her dream biz. She recognized a powerful solution for her life and business:  “I need to go back to my roots”. 


Tiffany is passionate about working with clients who are dedicated to making a positive change in this world! She discusses her passion of empowering her clients to align their business energy with their core values and living with peace and purpose. In this episode and in her biz, Tiffany discusses her experience with rebranding and how she helps her clients elevate their brands - and their businesses - to achieve their dreams!


Her word for 2024 is “expansion”.


With over 20 years of experience helping clients take their brands to new levels, Tiffany implements boldly creative and strategically focused public relations initiatives, media campaigns, event marketing, and talent representation. Her inspired ideas and meticulous execution give her clients the exposure and reach necessary for greater brand awareness, engagement, loyalty, growth and navigate the rebranding process.


Formed by Tiffany Sondergaard in 2019 as –ts PR & Event Planning, --ts Brand Elevation is a rebrand itself, born from Tiffany’s genuine passion for all things media and events – and is fueled by her keen ingenuity, vibrant originality, and strategic thinking. “–ts” is a nod to how Tiffany signs her name – and indicates that her distinct touch is on everything the agency creates.


Having held creative and management roles within major New York marketing communications and public relations firms, Tiffany now applies that experience and insight for the benefit of her clients here in the Lehigh Valley. Career highlights include the design and execution of national publicity campaigns, strategic marketing communications programs, and innovative product launch events for a myriad of clients.


Tiffany Sondergaard: Boldly creative; Strategically focused!


Contact Info: Tiffany Sondergaard, -ts Brand Elevation, [email protected], IG and Facebook: @tsondergaard


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#144 | Season 7: Illuminate! Ep. 3

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Common signs that a company should consider rebranding:

Signs can include shifts in the market, changes in target audience preferences, or an evolution in the company's values. 

Rebranding can be a significant undertaking. Potential benefits that a company can expect from rebranding:

Rebranding can enhance relevance, appeal to new audiences, and differentiate from competitors. I myself took on a rather large rebrand after covid.  93% of consumers trust recommendations for goods or services from people they know. According to 82% of investors, the brand name plays a significant role in their investments. The basis of 64% of brand relationships is shared values. Employers with poor branding pay 10% higher salaries.

Hiring seasoned event staff was challenging and I had to look at the service my company was providing wedding clients and be honest with myself.  I saw that we (although we were doing our best) were unable to provide the --ts experience for 200 guest weddings anymore it was time to reevaluate my offerings and services.

Communication is vital during a rebranding process. 

When conveying new messaging, communicate changes transparently and be sure to engage customers in the process. The lesson here is that open communication and engagement with all stakeholders contribute to a smoother transition.

Patience is vital for business owners and decision-makers who are considering a rebrand.

Key takeaways include a thorough understanding of the current brand, clear objectives, effective communication, and patience throughout the rebranding process. 

“Go back to your roots - Who are you and who do you want to be when you grow up.  Be that.”  –Tiffany Sondergaard

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