The Healing Power of the Solar Eclipse with Emilie Hempstead, Ep.145

Season #7

The solar eclipse offers healing power. I am so excited to share with you my conversation with Emilie Hempstead, a brilliant and talented artist with a fascinating depth of knowledge about so many topics - and astrology is one of her passions!


In this episode, Emilie shares astrological influences that are affecting us personally and globally. She gives empowering information about the symbolism of the Greek goddess - Athena - an androgynous goddess of both war AND wisdom, representing the Aries/Libra axis that will be highlighted during the solar eclipse. 


We discuss the spiritual significance of this time with the invitation to examine our relationships with ourselves and others while cultivating balance between independence and connection; between moving forward with disciplined action and giving ourselves patience to heal and grow with grace.


We are being gifted an opportunity - personally, culturally, and spiritually - to tap into and embrace the power of the beautiful dance of the sun and moon - the solar eclipse. Use this special time of invitation to sit with stillness and darkness encircled by the promise of light. 

#145 | Season 7: Illuminate! Ep. 4

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