Own Your Worth. 

Empowering women to LEVEL UP in leadership, career, and business.

Are you tired of playing small?

Tired of FEELING that you are destined for more?

But you don't know how to get to that next step?

I can take you

From: playing small,

feeling tired and resentful, wishing for more


Walking with CONFIDENCE,

Owning your POWER, and

Flying to the TOP of your game!


Refreshing You! 


Energy + Confidence Consultation

Let’s boost your energy and confidence to empower YOU and your TEAM to Level UP! and Make More Money!!

Make it happen TODAY!!!

$248.00 USD

Virtual and In-person Consultations.


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It Starts with YOU!

Your 60-minute Individual Consultation with Dr. Lyz will include:

  • Confidence and Energy Inventory
  • Personal Energy Reading
  • Personalized Action Plan with Strategies to: 
    • Remove Energetic Blocks to Your Success (aka: Money Blocks!)
    • Realign Your Energy, 
    • Enhance Your Balance, 
    • Boost Your Confidence, to
    • Level UP! and Make More Money!
  • Post-consultation Feedback Summary with Action Plan and Resources

Don't Waste ANY More Time.


You owe it to yourself and your DREAM to sign up now.

Make it happen TODAY!

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Make More Money!

Discomfort around the topic of money creates energetic conflict, clouds your energetic space, and blocks the flow of money.  

Download my FREE guide to learn some common energetic BLOCKS that might be getting in your way of attracting the money you desire. 

*BONUS* - the guide includes tips to shift your energy TODAY so that you will

Remove your Energetic Money BLOCKS and Attract the Money FLOW!

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Make More Money with the Enneagram and your Energy Flow

Master Course with Angie and Lyz!

Money is energy. Time is energy.  We are helping you make more money, waste less time.


The Enneagram Personality Typing System empowers you to achieve higher levels of Professional Performance, Confidence, Job Satisfaction, and Success. 

Our Master Course helps you identify your SUPERPOWERS and use them to get rid of BLOCKS to your success - and of course - Make More Money!!

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How to Nail an Interview!

Many people feel nervous and unprepared going into an interview.

Use our program, “How to Nail an Interview”, and feel excited and confident to nail that interview and open the door to new opportunities!

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I’m Lyz, a hopeful romantic, mom of two beautiful souls, and partner to the love of my life.

I empower women to connect, collaborate, and advocate - to use our power for good. Share the love, spread the power to Level UP! and Make More Money!!

I also love chatting about dreams  (all kinds - the ones we have at night, during the day, what we want in the future). I help you tune into your energetic presence and potential - to embrace balance, confidence, and success!

I’m a licensed psychologist, host of the Empowered By Design Podcast, and owner of Visionistas By Design Wellness Boutique in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. I have been empowering people to heal, grow, and SHINE for over 14 years in my work as a psychologist, therapist, and coach! I can't wait to connect with you.

Beautiful Souls, Let’s FLY!




It's Time.

Let's empower YOU and your TEAM to Know Your Worth, Level UP! and Make More Money TODAY!

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