Dream, Design, Deliver.

In our Mental Health Tune-Up 6-Day Challenge, we use the Visionistas By Design Signature Formula – Dream, Design, Deliver – a fluid process that inspires self-awareness, confidence, and personal growth with intentional vision.

We encourage you to download our Dream, Design, Deliver E-Workbook Journal to guide you along the process of achieving your goals for the challenge.  You can print it out and write on it, or you can use the visual and record your responses wherever you choose (your journal, a notebook, a google doc, the notes section in your phone, etc.).

The Dream, Design, Deliver E-Workbook Journal Includes:

  • The definition of a Visionista
  • The outline and description of the Signature Formula “Dream. Design. Deliver” 
  • An explanation of SMARTS goals and how to create them. 
  • An overview of the Pyramid of Awareness and how it can be helpful in achieving your goals and tuning into the aspects of balanced health - Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit.
  • Journal prompts to begin your journey of nurturing yourself - Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit.


Mental Health Tune-up

6-day Challenge

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