Mental Health Tune-Up

"Don't wait until something is broken to attend to your health and wellness"


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Mental Health Tune-Up

6-day Challenge

Line-Up Card:


Introduction: Video - “The 5 Aspects of Balanced Health”

Day 1: Nurture Your Body

Day 2:  Nurture Your Mind

Day 3: Nurture Your Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit

Day 4: Nurture Your Heart

Day 5: Nurture Your Soul

Day 6: Nurture Your Spirit


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Tuning-Up by Tuning In -

Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, & Spirit.

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Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, & Spirit.


Tune in to the Empowered By Design Podcast  - Episode #28 -  "Your Mental Health Tune-Up: Maintenance Required" for more information!

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