Many people take a “whack-a-mole approach” to mental health - they only pay attention to their mental health when there is a problem to solve or a crisis to overcome.  


Good News! You can enhance your mental health in just a few minutes per day!


Use our


Mental Health Tune-Up

BEFORE you have a problem, and increase your ability to confidently handle whatever life throws your way!


Our mental health tune-up is YOUR self-love makeover!  

Self-care is NOT selfish!!  Read that again, SELF-CARE IS NOT SELFISH!!  When we enhance the amount of time and energy that we spend nurturing ourselves,

we feel better (for example, when we get enough sleep!) …

we look better (bright eyed and bushy tailed, anyone?!), AND ...

we have more energy and love to give to our favorite people, to get things done, and to navigate our busy lives with balance, joy, confidence, and grace!!

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Our FREE Mental Health Tune-Up is YOUR Self-LOVE Makeover!!

Give yourself 10 minutes a day for the next 6 days and feel more refreshed, more in-tune with yourself, and more connected with your loved ones!


"Don't wait until something is broken to attend to your health and wellness.

Love yourself MORE today!"

 I created this resource to help you discover your current primary self-LOVE style, to enhance your self-confidence, and to incorporate new strategies for nurturing yourself with enhanced balance of body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit!!



YOUR Self-LOVE Makeover Includes:


Introduction Email:

Quiz - Find out your current self-LOVE style!

and re-discover “The 5 Aspects of Balanced Health”

Day 1: Nurture Your Body

Day 2:  Nurture Your Mind

Day 3: Guided Meditation - Nurture Your Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit

Day 4: Nurture Your Heart

Day 5: Nurture Your Soul

Day 6: Nurture Your Spirit


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 Show yourself some TLC  - Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, & Spirit!

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Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, & Spirit.


Tune in to the Empowered By Design Podcast  - Episode #28 -  "Your Mental Health Tune-Up: Maintenance Required" for even more inspiration!

Dr. Lyz empowers you to tune into your experiences - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in order to pursue healthy balance, peace, and joy.

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Our Mental Health Tune-Up is YOUR Self-LOVE Makeover!!

Over the next 6 days, you will receive one email per day with a link to a brief video with information about how to increase your attention to each of the 5 aspects of balanced health - body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit. 

Half-way through, you will receive a guided meditation exercise to help you feel more relaxed, balanced, and peaceful!.  Each email will also include accompanying journal prompts and strategies to help you apply the information to your life!!

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