Embracing Change with Hannah Bennett, Ep.35

Season #2 Episode #35

Change can be so difficult!! It’s scary and sometimes sad.  It’s exciting and sometimes overwhelming.  Embracing change and navigating the twists and turns that life delivers can be more enjoyable, meaningful, and fun when you approach the process as a journey.  Join me today, as I chat with Visionistas Team member, Hannah Bennett!  Hannah shares her journey, looking back on the special and significant moments, reveling in the joy of her NOW and envisioning her path with anticipation, hope, and belief in a fabulous future.  (We can help you do the same!) 


Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz: Psychology, Mental Health and Wellness, Love and Relationships, Mindset, Self-care, Self-reflection and Personal Growth

Dr. Lyz: Licensed Psychologist, Wellness Entrepreneur, Life and Love Coach

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Show notes for Episode 35:  Embracing Change with Hannah Bennett, Ep.35

  • Embracing Change involves processing the mixture of emotions and experiences: Sadness, fear, grieving an ending of a chapter as well as excitement, joy, courage and adventure!
  • Embracing your Adventurous spirit - we have goals, dreams, and vision and there are many paths to get there.  Life serves us twists and turns. We love to find meaning in our experiences and build resilience.
  • Pyramid of Awareness Design Guide - Free download that helped Hannah identify the connections between her thoughts, emotions, beliefs, actions so that you can understand their implications on your health, wellness, relationship with yourself and others.  Download for free here!  https://www.drlyz.com/resources 
  • The Healthy By Design Program - As she contributed to the program in her role on the Visionistas Team, the lessons in the Healthy By Design Program helped Hannah become more in tune with her emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  Learn more about the Healthy By Design program here:  https://www.drlyz.com/healthy
  • Check out our FREE e-workbook journal - Dream, Design, Deliver - (which includes the Pyramid of Awareness graphic and activity) in our Free Mental Health Tune-Up! https://www.drlyz.com/tune-up 
  • Come to our FREE virtual party - Falling Into Healthy Habits with the Visionistas Team!  Hannah will share more about her journey in navigating change, creating healthy habits, taking the reins on change to initiate positive habits and become a happier, healthier you! https://www.drlyz.com/fall


Golden Nuggets of Wisdom - Quotes from Hannah:

“I have Big Bold Dreams, so I need to take Big Bold Action!”

“Change comes in unexpected ways.”

“Not all change can be good but you can find good in any change.”

“The Healthy By Design Program helped me initiate positive change in my life.”

Embrace change in a way that inspires health, wellness, and connection!


Dream, Design, Deliver Signature Formula empowers you to:


Reflect upon your experiences and relationships and their impact on your identity development.

Appreciate your now.

Walk towards your future vision with intentionality.


Tips for Embracing and Navigating Change:

  1. Take your time when it comes to change (be patient)!
  2. Make a commitment to yourself by establishing a positive routine with healthy habits!
  3. Be flexible! (And give yourself grace).

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