Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Sparkle with Samantha Frack, Ep.44

  1. Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Sparkle with Samantha Frack, Ep.44


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Are you excited for this holiday season...we are!!  Join me as I chat with our Certified Image Consultant, Samantha Frack, who shares tips on holiday shopping on a budget, top Black Friday deals, and where to find items to create the best holiday looks! We chat about making your holidays shine and discuss the importance of creating intention to move into the holiday season with attention to your values, hopes, and personal meaning.  We share tips that help you to create and maintain balance and presence throughout the season with joy, love, and gratitude for the special moments.

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Show Notes for Episode 44: Make Your Holiday Season Sparkle with Samantha Frack, Ep.44

No need to break the bank this year on gifts!! Something so small can have so much meaning and could be the most thoughtful kinds of gifts! 

For those coffee lovers a nice mug with coffee beans and a good book perhaps! Wine connoisseurs , a nice bottle of wine and two glasses! 

For the woman who loves to self indulge in self care - bath salts, a candle, lotion If you want to support local restaurants and buy some gift cards! Slate Quarry Hotel, Mersin, Birthright, Red Wolf, Stefano’s, & that’s just a few in the Nazareth area!


Great holiday style websites for shopping! 

  • -- Lorna Luxe Collection 


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