A Romantic Glance at Love + Loyalty, Ep.139

How to ask for and receive what you need in love!! In this episode, I share information based on psychological research with tips and strategies from top psychologists and therapists in the world who contributed to Psychology Today’s December 2023 cover story: Love & Loyalty.  Make your love the best! 


#139 | Season 6: Rejoice! Ep. 13

#139 “A Romantic Glance at Love + Loyalty” Show Notes - Links and References:

We are talking all about love! We LOVE love at Visionistas By Design!! 


Psychology Today, December 2023, Love & Loyalty: How to Ask For (& Get) What You Need In a Relationship




“How Loyalty Begets Love” by Hara Estroff Marano


  • an alloy of emotional support, protection, and respect - 
  • it’s foundational to partnerships of any kind, but especially to love. 
  • It is the pillar of trust, 
  • the source of feeling safe in the world, 
  • a security so profoundly liberating it enables people to reveal their fullest selves which just might be the wellspring of passion
  • Buffers against challenges

Energy inventory - check in with your body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit

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“Tips for Keeping Marriage Fun with My Valentine, Chad” Podcast Episode 56: https://www.drlyz.com/blog/podcast-tips-for-keeping-marriage-fun-ep56 

Loyalty can come in visible and invisible ways. How do you show love and loyalty to your partner behind the scenes?

The article features the work of Julie and John Gottman - psychologists who are married and founded the Gottman Institute - trains therapists and helps couples build healthy relationships.

Many arguments couples have, especially in the first few years of the relationship, center on trust: (“Do I come first, Will you be there for me? Are your friends more important than I am?”, etc.)


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5 types of invisible loyalty cited in the article:

1️⃣ Anonymous donor

2️⃣ Rallying the troops

3️⃣ Maintaining status quo

4️⃣ In this together

5️⃣ Being there

Make your love the best!


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