A Romantic Glance at Love + Loyalty, Ep.139

How to ask for and receive what you need in love!! In this episode, I share information based on psychological research with tips and strategies from top psychologists and therapists in the world who contributed to Psychology Today’s December 2023 cover story: Love & Loyalty.  Make your love the best! 


#139 | Season 6: Rejoice! Ep. 13

#139 “A Romantic Glance at Love + Loyalty” Show Notes - Links and References:

We are talking all about love! We LOVE love at Visionistas By Design!! 


Psychology Today, December 2023, Love & Loyalty: How to Ask For (& Get) What You Need In a Relationship




“How Loyalty Begets Love” by Hara Estroff Marano


  • an alloy of emotional support, protection, and respect - 
  • it’s foundational to partnerships of any kind, but especially to love. 
  • ...
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