Girl With A Game Plan with Heather Gidusko, Ep.140

“Become the Superstar of your life…live with meaning, purpose, and passion.”  I am so excited to bring you this empowering, energizing, and FUN chat with Heather Gidusko, author of the book: “Girl With A Game Plan - from benchwarmer to the superstar of your life in 8 weeks”.  Heather shares the inspiration for her life-changing book… “your transformative guide, providing you with practical tips to create a personalized and effective Game Plan”.


Heather reveals her secrets to success in life, love, and biz, and she answers “the dirty dozen” - 12 thought-provoking and revealing personal questions! We chat about our overlapping passion for empowerment; community over competition; attunement to body, mind, and spirit; and spreading LOVE!!! “Celebrate your wins, learn from your losses, and fill your life with love and empowerment.” Now is the time to tune in with Heather Gidusko and...

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