On Location - Come, Sit With Me By the Sea, Ep.43

On Location - Come, Sit With Me By the Sea, Ep.43


Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz: Psychology, Mental Health and Wellness, Love and Relationships, Mindset, Self-care, Self-reflection and Personal Growth

Dr. Lyz: Licensed Psychologist, Wellness Entrepreneur, Life & Love Coach


I love taking you on location with me! This episode was recorded outside, at the sea, with the sounds of nature - waves, birds voices, boats, and more!  Come, sit by me at the ocean’s edge as we join together in the experience of pausing, tuning in, and enjoying the now.  Wherever we are, we have the powerful opportunity to pause and find appreciation, joy, and connection in the moments.  


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Trying Something New: A Chat from the Beach, Ep.29

In today’s episode of the Empowered By Design Podcast, we are “Trying Something New!! I recorded this episode at the ocean’s edge. We talk about the importance of adding in time for rest, rejuvenation, and celebration in our lives. Thank you for helping this podcast reach 1,500 downloads on its official 6 month anniversary!!!! I am so thrilled! We discuss the power of trust and intentional action in a world that can feel shaky and uncertain. Next week we will look back at the previous six months, we envision what is to come in the next 6 months, and we enjoy the now!! (And it’s recorded indoors, so minus the wind!). Thank you!!

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