The Reading Room: Two Girls, Two Decks with Erin De Boer, Ep.99

My sister-in-law and partner-in-crime, Erin, joins me again on this fun and hilarious episode where we perform our first-ever card readings for each other.  Disclaimer: We are rookies! This episode is a little about premonitions and a lot about fun!!  Enjoy!


The Empowered By Design Podcast will be releasing new episodes again in February 2023 for Season 5!!  

#99 | Season 4, Ep. 22

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Episode 99 Notes: 

0:00 - Welcome to the birth of The Reading Room!!

This episode is for educational, inspirational, and entertainment purposes!!

The Empowered By Design Podcast will return for Season 5 in February 2023!! Stay connected with us on social media, at our websites, and get on our email list to receive periodic messages with information and details of our news and events!

04:55 - Two Girls, Two Decks.

Erin’s Cards: Gifted to her at her office Secret Santa gift exchange.

09:30 - Our very first ever reading cards for each other.  Full disclosure: we are new at this, and we are taking you on our journey.

Lyz’s Cards: Purchased on our first trip to LA in April 2022. “The Wild Unknown Archetypes” by Kim Krans

22:22 - Erin’s reading for Lyz.

33:33 - Lyz’s reading for Erin.

52:20 - Closing it out by discussing our reactions and our dreams.


Wishing you a Happy New Year!! 

The Empowered By Design Podcast will be releasing new episodes again in February 2023 for Season 5!!  


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