Creating and Maintaining Healthy Romantic Relationships with Aliya Kenyatta, Ep. 12

Empowered By Design with Dr. Lyz:  Episode 12: Creating and Maintaining Healthy Romantic Relationships with Aliya Kenyatta

Healthy Relationships don’t just happen.  As much as we LOVE love and romance at Visionistas By Design, we recognize that the formula for healthy romantic relationships includes the feels PLUS intentional action to maximize connection and to maintain passion, intimacy, and affection.  Join me on this week’s episode of the Empowered By Design podcast and get to know Aliya Kenyatta, Licensed Social Worker, Relationship Specialist and Dating Coach! We chat about our work together at Visionistas By Design, the vibe that brought us together, and our shared passion for helping you create relationships that are fulfilling and enduring.  Aliya shares tips to get you started on your journey of enhancing relationships with yourself and with others to help you break out of unhealthy patterns, move through heartbreak, and design a plan to “date for your future you”.  


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Welcome to the podcast, Empowered By Design with Dr. Lyz!  This podcast is designed to bring you psychological concepts in real life terms that will empower a proactive approach to mental health and overall wellness while inviting balance, harmony, connection, and joy.  Lyz DeBoer Kreider, PhD, a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania and New York, shares her passion for helping you pursue your dreams and goals for life and love with intentional vision.  This podcast is about finding and owning your power right now and using it for good, by nurturing the connection of body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit. Empowered By Design Podcast delivers psychological concepts and practical strategies with a real life approach, designed to empower: Health and wellness, Optimal performance, Authentic connection with yourself and others, and purposeful, joyful living.

Dr. Lyz’s Signature Formula: Dream, Design, Deliver

Dream - Reflect, Attend

Design - Create, Plan

Deliver - Align, Evaluate, Celebrate


Download a free guide for using the Dream, Design, Deliver Signature Formula to pursue your dreams with Intentional Vision. And check out Episode 4 for more information on Dr. Lyz’s Dream, Design, Deliver Signature Formula.

Show Notes for Episode 12 of Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz:  Creating and Maintaining Healthy Romantic Relationships with Aliya Kenyatta

  • Inspiring Vision Series - meet Aliya Kenyatta, LSW - Relationship and Dating Specialist and member of the Visionistas By Design team!
  • Aliya Kenyatta is a Licensed Social Worker who specializes in empowering you to create and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships.  Aliya earned her bachelor’s degree in African American Studies from Temple University and earned her master’s degree in Social Work from Marywood University.  Aliya offers dating coaching and counseling services for individuals, groups, and couples.  Her approach will empower you to break out of unhealthy patterns, to improve your overall wellness, and to enhance relationships.
    • Dating Coaching:  Healthy relationships don’t just happen. They are intentionally created and maintained. And there’s a process available to help guide you there. As your dating coach, Aliya will not only help you understand the process, but she will be there every step of the way to prevent you from returning to unhealthy patterns and methods of dating.
  • Aliya’s approach to counseling and relationship coaching: Relational Cultural Approach 
    • Relationship with yourself, family, cultural identity, intersectionality with society
    • Implications of Pandemic on Relationship Dynamics
      • Distractions were eliminated as a cause of the Pandemic, and relationship dynamics - healthy and unhealthy - were highlighted
  • Aliya’s Tips for Healthy Romantic Relationships:
    • Self-work
      • Addressing trauma, assessing previous relationship experiences and determine aspects that you want to bring with you
      • Understanding your identity, personality and implications on relationships
      • Who do you want to be?  “Date for future you”, understanding opportunity for growth
      • Why are you dating?  Looking for companionship, experience, “supposed to be dating?”
      • ASK Understanding preferences and compatibility - where do you want balance, sameness 
        • Physical
        • Non-physical
        • Sexual
        • Relational
    • Partner-work
      • Communicating effectively with your partner and setting boundaries
        • Talking/verbal communication
        • Writing/texting
      • Creating a Relationship Contract
        • Discussing and agreeing on definitions 
        • Maintaining healthy patterns of communicating
        • Attending to potential changes with transitional periods in life due to trauma, loss, life adjustments and circumstances 
        • “Compatibility can be the safety net when love dips”
  • Invitation:
    • Reflect on previous relationships and identify aspects that went well for you, aspects that did not go well
    • Consider current circumstances, where are you right now
    • Envision future relationship vision, desire, goals
  • Regardless of stage of relationship (partnered, married, single, dating, etc.), relationships take work and it is important to focus on healthy dating within your relationship context (e.g., dating your partner, spouse)
    • We have the power to be intentional, establish new healthy patterns
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  • Next week - we return to the series, Designing and Delivering the Life of Your Dreams - Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, Spirit with Episode 13 that will focus on Nurturing the Heart

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