It’s My Birthday! Ep.25

Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz: It’s My Birthday! Ep.25


Dr. Lyz: Licensed Psychologist, Wellness Entrepreneur, Relationship Specialist

Empowered By Design Podcast: Psychology, Mental Health and Wellness, Relationships, Mindset, Self-care, Self-reflection and Personal Growth


Today we are celebrating my birthday, and my first ever birthday podcast episode!!  Birthdays are a gift, a time for celebration - for the present moments with gratitude and joy; for the reflection on memories of the past; and for hope and vision for the future. Join me today for some fun - I take a surprise quiz created by Hannah - Visionistas Team Social Media and Administrative Coordinator - appreciating the now, cherishing memories, and looking ahead to dreams and vision for the future.  Let’s celebrate!


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