Guided Meditation to Nurture Your Mind - Coming Home to Your Now, Ep.76

Nurture your Mind with this guided meditation practice designed to help you tune into your present moment and center yourself by using your breath and your senses. This gentle practice honors the experiences of the mind with attention to the thoughts, ideas, and circumstances that pull us away, distract us, and make us feel stuck.  It encourages curiosity and awareness with a soothing pace, honoring the journey of coming home to your present moment, nurturing yourself here and now.  Join me for this episode that begins with a brief introduction and includes a 12-minute guided meditation.

CAUTION: please do not engage in this meditation exercise while driving a vehicle or while operating heavy machinery.

Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz: Psychology, Love and Relationships, Mental Health and Wellness, Mindset, Self-care, Self-reflection and Personal Growth

Dr. Lyz: Licensed Psychologist; Love + Relationship Specialist; Wellness Entrepreneur


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