BEST OF: Dreaming Is My Superpower! Ep.125

Come, Fly with Me! In this episode, I share one of my FAVORITE dreams and the inspiring significance it has delivered in my life.  My Come, Fly with Me Dream empowered me to nurture my adventurous spirit and to pursue my professional dream. I treasure the people in my life who have encouraged me, supported me, mentored me, and flown with me while I chase my dreams with passion and intentional vision.  Dreams while sleeping, dreams awake - they have the power to connect us with our spirit energy and to reveal the whispers of our souls. I discuss the process that I use to explore and understand the meaning of dreams. Dreaming is my superpower; what is yours??! 

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This summer we are re-releasing our favorite episodes of the podcast (and yours!). We will be back with brand new episodes for Season 6 on 8-08-23!


 #125 | “BEST OF” Summer Series #3 (Originally aired May, 2021 Episode 18).


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Love Story #2: Meet My BFFs - Erica, Meridith, Heather + Allison, Ep.85

I love them with all of my heart and am so grateful for these amazing women. Join me and my BFFs - Erica, Meridith, Heather, and Allison for a fun conversation on the power of lasting friendship.  We met in elementary school and fell in love with each other over the years - sharing special moments of laughter (and tears!) at the turn of all the seasons of life - from sleepovers, first kisses, study halls, and sneaking out to weddings and babies, career moves, and fighting those pesky midlife wrinkles!  We have supported each other through it all. 

In this episode, we dig up old memories, envision our futures, and chat about our recent high school reunion. You will hear a little snippet from our time capsule video from 1997 where we share our hopes and dreams - “what will life be like in 25 years”!!  Tune in to see if our high school predictions came true! I am so excited to share them with you!

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