What's a Vision Board and Why Do I Need One? With Hannah Bennett, Ep.42

Are you tired of feeling tired, burnt out, stuck?  Let’s find our focus together and make 2022 our BEST YEAR yet!!  I am thrilled to be joined by Visionistas Team member, Hannah Bennett, in this episode of the Empowered By Design podcast! We are chatting about our experience with creating vision boards and explain - what is a vision board and why do we all need to have one (or more)?!!  We highlight the importance of looking back- reflecting on the ups and downs and celebrating accomplishments and growth; appreciating our present moments and circumstances; and envisioning our goals and dreams for the future with intentional vision!  We want to help you do the same.  And, we have the party for you coming soon - this month, we will be hosting a virtual and in-person vision board party.  Join us to Discover and Design your Heart’s Desire! https://www.drlyz.com/vision-board-party 

Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz: Psychology,...

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Creating Your Intentional Vision Board, Ep. 3

3. Creating Your Intentional Vision Board

Dr. Lyz walks you through the process of creating your own vision board in this episode of the Empowered By Design Podcast - Creating Your Intentional Vision Board.  Get comfy, unleash your creative energy and design a vision board to welcome the manifestation of your dreams! You can use this episode to host a vision board party with friends or to spend some valuable “me time” with your dreams, goals, and vision! 




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Welcome to the podcast, Empowered By Design with Dr. Lyz!  This podcast is designed to bring you psychological concepts in real life terms that will empower a proactive approach to mental health and overall wellness while inviting balance, harmony, connection, and...

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