Connecting with the Power of Your Group and Benefits of Group Therapy, Ep.38

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I share the power of connection in this episode - in groups organically in life and those groups that we create with intention.  I am grateful for a wonderful Visionistas Team that is supportive, empowering, fun, and uplifting.  Throughout life we experience the opportunity to connect with others in groups - family, friends, teams, work, etc. and when we establish trust and safety in connection, the group experience can be transcendent!  I share a list of therapeutic factors that are meaningful in group therapy and how you can recognize the dynamics in your own life groups.


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Show notes for Episode 38: Connecting with the Power of Your Group and Benefits of Group Therapy, Ep.38


At Visionistas By Design we welcomed our NEW Visionistas Team member!!!  Victoria Alercia, M.S. is a licensed professional counselor with more than 15 years experience in the mental health field. Victoria provides individual and group therapy to individuals ages 12 and older, and specializes in empowering individuals to increase self-esteem, to manage stress related to anxiety and depression with a healthy approach, and to strengthen relationships 


“Watch for the people whose eyes light up when you talk about your dream. Those are the people you keep.” - Elizabeth Gilbert


11 Therapeutic Factors (from “Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, 5th Ed.” by Irvin D. Yalom and Molyn Leszcz; 2005)

  1. Instillation of Hope
  2. Universality
  3. Imparting Information
  4. Altruism
  5. Corrective Recapitulation of the Primary Family Group
  6. Development of Socializing Techniques
  7. Imitative Behavior
  8. Interpersonal Learning
  9. Group Cohesiveness
  10. Catharsis
  11. Existential Factors

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  • And, of course we have some really fun programs and events in the works! (Mini-spoiler - Stay tuned for Design & Flo with Dr. Lyz - yes, I left the “w” off of “flow” for a reason - will share later!; a Vision Board Party with Hannah; Style By Design with Samantha; A New You with Vicky; And Aliya is starting her own podcast!!!)




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