Mom, how do you know when you feel God? Ep.92

How do you know when you feel God? How do you know when God is with you? That’s a BIG question! And, we are talking about it in this episode.  My teenage son put it out there for me to answer, and you’ll hear how I responded to him in the moment as well as my reflections on the implications for his life and our lives.  I invite you to listen with an open mind and an open heart, and I invite you to make meaning as it applies to your life, your spirituality, and your relationship with divinity.

#92 | Season 4, Ep. 15

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Show Notes for Episode 92. Mom, How Do You Know When You Feel God? Ep.92

Episode Timestamp Notes: 

00:00 - This is our Empowerment Card Episode!

01:40 - Welcome!!

04:08 - The BIG question: Mom, how do you know when you feel God?

05:34 - My spiritual journey and yours.

06:52 - Mom guilt is real.

09:26 - My response to my son’s question. And the invitation for you to reflect on your answer to the question - how do you know when you feel God?

19:00 - Later that day, I made a stop that made me a couple of minutes late while on my way to meet my friend, Renee.  A road was blocked. I took a detour.

22:21 - The next day. My friend Renee said, “thank God you decided to make that stop.” That’s how I feel God.

23:55 - I wasn’t supposed to be on that road 6 minutes sooner.

24:18 - How can I do better as a mom to cultivate my children’s connection with God.

25:15 - Invitation to pause and tune in to your emotion, to cherish what we have.

26:20 - I know miracles in my life.  And I know tragedy, trauma, loss, and grief - we all do. A reminder on the power of faith.

27:13 - My heart breaks for the family who is grieving the tragic loss.

28:30 - The power of gratitude and the invitation to tune in to yours.

29:26 - How do you feel God?

30:13 - Invitation to connect on Instagram: @dr_lyz and to share this episode with someone you love.


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