Celebrating Dreams Come True in 2022 with the Visionistas Team, Ep.98

This is a beautiful time to reflect upon our year, to look back and notice significant moments, messages, experiences, and lessons … and to CELEBRATE!! Come, celebrate with us! The Winter Solstice also provides an invitation for rest, rebirth, renewal, and the expansion of light energy and growth!!  We are excited to share this process - The Dream, Design, Deliver Formula - with you here and invite you to use this episode as a guide to celebrate your dreams come true and look with hope and vision to the New Year!


Let's CONNECT!  Connect in a spirit of excellence, confidence, abundance, joy, and peace!! Get Out of Your Own Way. Know Thyself. and FLY! Come, FLY with me!


Introducing the Dream Vibe Tribe a PEAK Performance Collective of Professional Women Empowering+Manifesting+Sustaining Abundance+Excellence+Peace in LIFE, WORK, and LOVE!!


For high vibe, heart-driven, passionate women who recognize the POWER of cultivating connection, tuning in, showing up with authenticity, investing in excellence, and aligning our energy with our values, mission, and vision.


Beautiful Souls, Let's FLY!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/471432945148137/ 


#98 | Season 4, Ep. 21

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Episode 98 Notes: 

Our friend and Dream Retreat Guide and Host, Sophie Hami https://www.hennachakra.com/ helped us achieve our dreams come true for 2022!!

Hannah started grad school in line with her goal of pursuing a career as a mental health therapist! https://www.visionistasbydesign.com/hannah-bennett 

Vicky published her second book: “Our Rose Colored Glasses”. https://www.visionistasbydesign.com/victoria-alercia 

We have all witnessed the healing power of love; we lead with love; and use love to help others heal, grow, shine and FLY!

LOVE Heals. We EMPOWER you to FLY!


We are celebrating our growth at the Visionistas By Design Wellness Boutique - we have made new connections with other professionals who share our space and our passion for empowering others to live the lives of their dreams!


Download the FUN Love! Formula design guide here (it’s FREE!): https://www.drlyz.com/fun-love 



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