Tips for Empowering Success and Making Work FUN! With Ashley Thomas, Ep.57

I’m so excited to share this conversation with my friend, my hair stylist, and the Owner of Six Ten Hair Studio, Ashley Thomas!!  In this episode, Ashley shares her tips and spills the secrets that have propelled her business from a solo enterprise to an empowering empire!!  Ashley is an amazing leader of her team and models the importance of prioritizing balance, encouraging communication and collaboration, aligning actions with her team’s core values, and celebrating success!  She embodies the philosophy of integrity - doing what’s right rather than what is easy.  Ashley’s mission is to share her creative passion and vision with others - her team and their guests - to empower success, beauty, connection, and FUN!!

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Show Notes for Episode 57. Tips for Empowering Success and Making Work FUN! With Ashley Thomas, Ep.57

Episode Timestamp Notes: 

00:40 - We are continuing our theme of FUN February!! *Snacks+Apps*

02:08 - Thank you!!  Last week’s episode 56 with my husband Chad was a record-breaking episode!! Thank you for listening, sharing, and sending me your feedback.

03:16 - Future Events:  Keeping Marriage Fun and Romance Alive Workshop Series; Our Visions of Love Vision Board Event - February 23, 2022 and next month’s Goddess Circle with Sophie Hami! 

08:28 - Happy Birthday to Six Ten Hair Studio, owned by my special guest, Ashley Thomas!! 

14:03 - On Empowering Success and Making Work FUN! Welcome Ashely Thomas! 

17:32 - Ashley’s philosophy on creating a fun and productive work environment.

18:16 - Balance! Your Team, Work/Life Balance, and Maximize Creativity.

21:05 - Celebrate Success!

24:02 - Create TEAM goals and inspire TEAMwork to achieve them! Metaphor of a Wrestling Team.

26:44 - Set Measurable Goals and create achievable steps to get there.

28: 46 - TEAM Core Values.

30:47 - Core Value: Integrity - Doing what’s right, not what is easy.

31:42 - Core Value:  Clear and Kind Communication. And “Take it to the Source”.

32:30 - Celebrating the 3-year Anniversary of Six Ten Hair Studio!!

38:38 - Ashley’s passion for her own personal and professional growth and excellence and the Importance of education, support, and coaching in leading a team.

41:16 - Core Value: Self-care.

46:30 - Exciting Upcoming Move and Expansion for Six Ten Hair Studio!!

48:30 - Follow on Instagram and on FaceBook @Six Ten Hair Studio

50:43 - Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, Spirit

51:15 - This - or - That:  Food Preference: By Land or By Sea?; Cruise or Road Trip?; Surprise Party - Throwing One or Being the Guest of Honor?

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Tips for Empowering Success and Making Work FUN!!!!

Tip #1: Prioritize Balance. (Individual/Team; Fun/Productivity; Work/Life)

Tip #2: Establish Core Values as your Guiding Light. (Integrity, Communication, Self-Care)

Tip #3: Encourage Communication and Collaboration. 

Tip #4: Celebrate Success!! (of Individuals and of the Team)


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