Life|Work Passion+Balance: Introducing the FUN Love! Formula, Ep.80

What’s even better than work-life balance?? Life-work PASSION and balance!!!  I am so excited to introduce the FUN Love! Formula, designed to help you enhance your relationships in Life, Work, and LOVE!!  This episode empowers you to explore important relationships in your life to strengthen your connections and enhance the opportunity for fulfillment, joy, love, and FUN!

#80 | Season 4, Ep. 3


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Show Notes for Episode 80. Life|Work Passion+Balance: Introducing the FUN Love! Formula, Ep.80

Episode Timestamp Notes: 

 0:00 - Episode 80!

0:32 - I am excited to be introducing you to the FUN Love! Formula and to highlight how the formula applies to various aspects of life, LOVE, and relationships, to increase life-work passion and balance!

02:17 - Welcome to Episode 80 and season 4 of the Empowered By Design Podcast! 

03:14 - Snacks + Apps and my lesson for the day.

04:54 - It is time to fly!! (Dream reference) Link to Episode 18: Dreaming Is My Superpower 

08:03 - My morning lessons: “Look at how far you have come.” And “Slow down!”

09:11 - Invitation to think of a lesson you can glean from a life mishap - look at how far you have come AND slow down.

10:18 - For Life-Work balance, my husband and I stagger our late night work schedules to be home with the kids.

11:58 - Introducing the FUN Love! Formula, which was born into existence for the FUN Love! Program - Workshop series for romantic couples.

13:04 - The FUN Love! Formula applies to relationships - romantic, friendships, professional, etc. AND navigating your personal relationship with your passion, purpose, loves.

13:54 - I like to call it “Life-Work Balance”, though when you love your work and your life, the terms can be interchangeable.

14:44 - How do you define your life? How do you characterize your work? Where is the overlap?

15:52 - We help professionals, leaders, people who LOVE their work navigate challenges in life to prioritize balance, optimize performance, and maximize fulfillment and joy.

18:14 - Together, let’s decrease the stifling burden of “mom guilt”. - I should be….everywhere!! I should be doing…everything!!

19:15 - Download the FUN Love! Formula design guide here (it’s FREE!): 

20:44 - Picture a golden ring in the center of your focus.  On the left hand side, picture a second golden ring overlapping the center ring like a Venn diagram.  On the right hand side, picture a third golden ring overlapping the center ring like a Venn diagram.

22:18 - Call into mind one of your most important relationships in your life.  Use this relationship as an example to apply the FUN Love! Formula to your life,

23:14 - In a partnership (a 2-person relationship), the center ring represents the relationship (“us”) and the other two rings represent the partners in the relationship.  Both partners contribute to the relationship and both maintain space for yourselves.

24:22 - Pause, reflect, and tune in.  Notice your reactions - body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit - when you picture the FUN Love! Formula diagram - “Me, You, Us”.

25:32 - The amount of spatial overlap among the rings depends upon the relationship.

28:15 -  The FUN Love! Formula goes hand in hand with the Dream, Design, Deliver signature formula. Dream - Pause, reflect, attend to the thoughts, emotions, sensations, beliefs, ideas in the moment.  Design - create and plan your goals according to your vision. Deliver - intentionally align your actions and energy with your goals, dreams, and vision. Evaluate, Celebrate, and Redesign your plan along the way as needed.

30:42 - Identify the shared features of your relationship (center ring) - strengths, beliefs, values, interests, identity, etc. For example, our shared value is family.

32:02 - In the spaces of the adjacent rings that are not overlapping with the middle circle, identify your differences (your own and your partner’s personal strengths, interests, values, etc.).

34:02 - Honoring our differences as complimentary requires self-awareness, knowledge, communication, respect, and love!! Viewing and honoring our differences as complimentary can be a game changer, as they are typically the things we fight/argue about the most!

35:52 - We argue most about resources - time, energy, money, etc.

36:20 - Identifying your strengths, your shared values, interests, etc. can help alleviate stress and build a foundation of trust, passion, purpose, and vision.

38:48 - We will continue to use the FUN Love! Formula to balance our time and energy in life, work, and love!

40:49 - Learning how to balance responsibilities in life and work without feeling bad, guilty AND without losing ourselves, our interests, our identities.

42:04 - What about me? Different circumstances in our lives call for different action. Sometimes we must put ourselves 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.  When we are ALWAYS putting ourselves 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th it can become unhealthy and problematic.

44:03 - I can give all of my love, time, and energy to the loves of my life because I make intentional time to nurture myself - body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit - every day!

44:55 - Celebrating Episode 80 of the Empowered By Design Podcast! Please consider sharing this episode with someone that you love, someone who might need to hear this important message of encouragement for life-work balance and attention to nurturing ourselves in order to love with balance and fun (and minus the guilt)! 

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