emPOWERed BIZ: I Love You, Money! Ep.106

Fall in love with money and create a healthy relationship that will last forever!  In this episode, we take a Deeper Dive into exploring your relationship with money. I discuss specific strategies for making smart investments of your time and energy that will help you level up and make more money!


“I Love You, Money” is the third episode in the EmPOWERed BIZ Series – Coaching Women to Level UP! and Make More Money! The emPOWERed BIZ Series includes short, efficient, powerful episodes packed with information and lessons to Level UP! in your biz!  As a psychologist, I help people reduce stress and welcome balance, peace, and joy.  I am applying those psychological  concepts and strategies to help you accomplish your professional goals – level up and make more money!!  


In this episode, I discuss 4 key steps in the process of creating a healthy and enduring relationship with money. Remove energetic blocks and manifest...

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Life|Work Passion+Balance: Introducing the FUN Love! Formula, Ep.80

What’s even better than work-life balance?? Life-work PASSION and balance!!!  I am so excited to introduce the FUN Love! Formula, designed to help you enhance your relationships in Life, Work, and LOVE!!  This episode empowers you to explore important relationships in your life to strengthen your connections and enhance the opportunity for fulfillment, joy, love, and FUN!

#80 | Season 4, Ep. 3


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