Tips for Making Your Love FUN!! What’s Your Love Language?, Ep.59

Do you ever feel like you and your partner speak different languages? Like you say one thing and they hear something totally different? Do you want to get on the same page?!!  In this episode, we discuss Gary Chapman’s Book - “The 5 Love Languages - The Secret to Love that Lasts”.  Discover your love language - the ways that you give and receive love - so that you can feel more connected and in sync in your life and relationships! At Visionistas By Design, we LOVE love and help you enhance your love at every stage of the love game.  Whether you are happily single, dating, engaged, married, and/or healing and growing to make a love comeback… we have something for you!  Tune in to hear about our newest program, the FUN Love Program, and some tips to start making your love fun!!  

Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz: Psychology, Mental Health and Wellness, Love and Relationships, Mindset, Self-care, Self-reflection and Personal Growth

Dr. Lyz: Licensed Psychologist, Wellness Entrepreneur, Life & Love Coach

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Show Notes for Episode59: Tips for Making Your Love FUN!! What’s Your Love Language?, Ep.59


Episode Timestamp Notes: 

01:48 - Welcome! *Snacks+Apps*

05:40 - FUN Love Program is coming!! You loved Episode 56 with my husband, Chad, and we are creating a program to deliver more tips and strategies for making and keeping your love FUN!! 

07:06 - Meditation with Insight Timer.  You can follow me there! 

09:28 - “Be. Receive. Give Thanks.” A message from “Remember Your Worth” (a guided meditation by Sarah Blondin on Insight Timer)

10:51 - Be You! To be YOU authentically, it’s helpful to know yourself, to Love Yourself. Resource: Our Design+Flo Program. 

13:54 - Knowing Your Love Language can help you give and receive love authentically.

14:58 - Lots of FUN stuff coming this month!!

The FUN Love Program begins with a workshop for committed couples who want to enjoy their relationship and make it stronger.  Whether you are happily single, dating, engaged, married, and/or healing and growing to make a love comeback… At Visionistas, we have something for you at every stage of the love game.  Sign up for our newsletter and download some free resources to help you find and nurture your love -  and 

17:43 - Our FUN Love Program begins with a virtual workshop for couples on March 12.

19:16 - The FUN Love workshop will provide tips and real life strategies to make your relationship healthier, stronger, and more FUN!! I will help you enhance your dance as a couple, to create the formula with key strategies to make your love fun, healthy, kind and respectful. I’ve made mistakes in love and I am passing along the information so you don’t have to make the same ones! Chad and I have found a way to connect authentically with each other and I am bringing those tips, strategies in your committed relationship of love.

20:58 - Don’t wait until it’s broken!! Do I stay in this relationship that feels suffocating? Unhealthy? The FUN Love Program helps roll it back, helps you to make your love respectful and empowering.

22:25 - I’m trying to convince Chad to make an appearance at the workshop (send positive vibes out into the universe to help me convince him!)

23:08 - My coaching program with Shawn Mynar (Unstuck Entrepreneur/Holistic Business Starter): 

23:40 - Thank you!!!  You propelled me to the delivery of the FUN Love Program!  You talk, I listen and deliver!!

(if you can’t make it live on 3/12/22 - register anyway and we will send you the recording of the program)

26:46 - It’s time to start loving yourself also. 

Bring into balance your body+mind+heart+soul+spirit. 

Vicky will be joining me this month to talk about her new program coming this spring: “A New You”!

28:06 - Goddess Circle with Sophie Hami on March 23 at Visionistas By Design!  Sophie will be joining me on a podcast episode later this month. 

30:22 - “The 5 Love Languages - The Secret to Love that Lasts” By Gary Chapman 

34:04 - Quiz first  - jot down T/F (no right or wrong answer):  I like to be hugged; I like to spend one-to-one time with a person who is special to me; Visible symbols of love (gifts) are very important to me; What someone does affects me more than what he or she says; I like to be told that I am appreciated. 

36:49 - 5 Love Languages: Words of Affirmation; Gift Giving; Touch; Quality Time; Acts of Service; 

42:08 - How do you show love? How do you receive love from someone else? Learn about yourself so that you can express your love authentically and ask for what you need.


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The Design+Flo Program is here - Your SELF-LOVE SOLUTION!!  This is the last week to get into the program at the low introductory price!!I am so excited to bring you this amazing opportunity to deepen your connection with yourself and enhance your ability to connect authentically with others - Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit.  It incorporates the intention to Know Yourself.  Be Yourself.  Love Yourself. Transcend. And Connect.  Learn more at my website: 

The FUN Love Program is a virtual workshop for couples that will teach you strategies to avoid unnecessary arguments and to enhance your connection.  The FUN Love Program offers a real life approach to help you navigate the ups and downs of life and love together.  I will deliver tools to help you dial down the stress, dial up the sparkle, and dust off the memories to celebrate the FUN Love that brought you together in the first place!! For more information, visit:


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