Maximizing Awareness and Winning the Ball Game, Ep.21

  1. Maximizing Awareness and Winning the Ball Game, Ep.21


Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz:  Maximizing Awareness and Winning the Ball Game, Episode 21. 

Dr. Lyz: Licensed Psychologist, Wellness Entrepreneur, Relationship Specialist

Empowered By Design Podcast: Psychology, Mental Health and Wellness, Relationships, Mindset, Self-care, Self-reflection and Personal Growth


Maximize your personal awareness of the relationships between body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit with the Pyramid of Awareness. In this episode, I take you through a real-life example of an exciting, yet stressful, situation, my son’s championship baseball game - to illustrate the relationships between thoughts, emotions, body responses, beliefs, and energy. Download your own Pyramid of Awareness design guide and explore your style of response to situations - stressful and not-so-stressful - to increase your awareness and to optimize your performance.

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Riding the Rainbow - Strategies for Managing Stress, Ep. 6

Let’s talk about Stress!  We all experience it.  We don’t love it.  Stress is uncomfortable and can be dangerous when levels become too high, when life becomes overwhelming.  Dr. Lyz explains the relationship between stress and performance with attention to the reciprocal effects of distress and aspects of the body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.  Dr. Lyz reviews the benefits of maintaining stress at a low to moderate range and shares six strategies for avoiding unnecessary stress, managing unavoidable stress, and designing a healthy, proactive approach to living well.  

 Riding the Rainbow to manage stress illustrates the relationship between stress and performance outlined in the Yerkes-Dodson Law.  Optimal performance occurs when stress levels are maintained at a moderate level.  Low levels of stress are correlated with low performance - think of when you are not invested in a particular outcome or when you are...

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