Clinking Drinks+Giving Thanks with Erin De Boer, Ep.94


Happy Thanksgiving! My sister-in-law Erin is back!! And we are clinking drinks and giving thanks. Grab your favorite drink and raise it up in celebration with us. Let’s give thanks and have some fun!! 

  #94 | Season 4, Ep. 17

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Love Story #1: Meet My Parents! Margie+Charley, Ep.81

Fall in LOVE with our new segment: Love Stories!  First up - my parents, married for 44 years and still very much in love!!! Margie+Charley + 4 children + their 4 children’s spouses + 14 grandchildren = Love + Bliss + Dreams Come True!


You don’t want to miss the details about that first KISS behind the tree - that took her to “Cloud 9!” and “sealed the deal!” for him!!

 (This photo is from the day of the First Kiss! Here they are hanging out at the reservoir! "Notice his yellow cap".)

Listen in as they share their story with Lessons of Love + Resilience + Fun!:


(family photo!)

Their shared love for family, the Philadelphia Phillies, and travel; 

Secrets to successfully navigating the ups and downs of life and LOVE for over 44 years!!;

How they STOPPED fighting about money and started LOVING to pay the bills!; and

Building a foundation with shared values, vision, and faith! 

(Here they are present day on their...

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