Celebrating Psychology Week: Benefits, Contributions, and Diverse Perspectives, Ep.66

The American Psychological Association designated April 17 - April 23, 2022 as Psychology Week to spread awareness of how psychology benefits our world. In this episode, I discuss my love and passion for my work as a psychologist.  I also share the perspectives of some of my colleagues in the field of psychology who share in the passion of contributing to the body of psychological research and knowledge; delivering practical information, tools, and strategies; and honoring and serving the diverse voices, cultures, and populations around our globe.  I asked the questions: What do you LOVE about your work? And what show are you currently binge watching?!! Tune in to hear the answers from psychologists: Kristin Bertsch, Stephen Sell, Shalena Heard, Sepideh Soheilian, Val Spektor, David Zelaya, Linh Luu; as well as the Visionistas Team: Hannah Bennett, Aliya Kenyatta, and Vicky Alercia.

Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz: Psychology, Love and Relationships, Mental Health and Wellness, Mindset, Self-care, Self-reflection and Personal Growth

Dr. Lyz: Licensed Psychologist; Love + Relationship Specialist; Wellness Entrepreneur

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 Show Notes for Episode 66. Celebrating Psychology Week: Benefits, Contributions, and Diverse Perspectives, Ep.66

Episode Timestamp Notes: 

03:14 - Welcome

04:28 - One of my favorite things about my work as a psychologist is this podcast! And delivering psychological tools and strategies in real life terms empowering you to live the life and love of your dreams!

06:22 - Snacks + Apps

06:47 - The FUN Love Workshop Series continues on April 21, 2022!  Designed to help you make your love more fun and healthy in your relationships - improving communication; managing stress effectively; envisioning and working towards goals with intentional vision; enhancing the intimacy in your relationship; and navigating family relationships and increasing work-life balance.   To learn more: https://www.drlyz.com/fun-love [use coupon code PODCAST20 for 20% off registration]

11:26 - More of what I love about my work as a psychologist - providing therapy to individuals and groups with a relational, insight-oriented approach to achieve and inspire healing and growth

16:02 - Creating and providing services, programs, and workshops to expand our psychological reach and deliver psychological concepts, strategies, and tools beyond the therapy room. 

18:02 - The shared passion and mission of the Visionistas Team - to help others flourish in life, love, and relationships!

20:02 - Celebrating Psychology Week 2022! - follow #psychology week on social media to see what else is happening in psychology across the globe! Psychology Day at the United Nations, an annual opportunity to share  - with the U.N. community  - psychology’s role in addressing global concerns. This year’s 15th Psychology Day at the U.N. will be held April 21with the theme: Building Hope: Psychological Contributions to a Roadmap for Climate Action. 

22:09 - The Veterans Health Administration celebrates VA Psychology Recognition Week to acknowledge the contributions of psychologists who care for patients at VA Medical Centers. 

22:54 - Message from the American Psychological Association President  “As the science of behavior, psychology touches on virtually all aspects of our lives,” said APA President Frank C. Worrell, PhD.  “By setting aside one week to spotlight the field of psychology, APA hopes to increase the public’s understanding of, and appreciation for, psychology’s many contributions in such areas as health care, education, research, technology and the workplace.”  View the article: https://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2022/03/psychology-week

24:46 - Reflecting on my journey as a psychologist. 

29:04 - Visionistas Team: Hannah Bennett, Aliya Kenyatta, Vicky Alercia - Our work and shared passion at Visionistas By Design Wellness Boutique in Nazareth, PA: We offer Mental Health Services, Wellness Programs, Love + Relationship Programs - Date Coaching, the Healthy By Design Program, the Design+Flo Program, A New You Program; Vision Board Programs.  We help you connect more deeply and authentically with yourself and others. Learn more at: https://www.visionistasbydesign.com/services 

31:31 - What we are watching:  Me - Maid, Ozark, Friends; Hannah - Brooklyn 99; The Ultimatum; Aliya - Animal; Vicky - Brooklyn 99; Is it Cake 

33:27 - And I asked some of my friends in psychology: What do you LOVE about your work? And What show are you currently binge watching?!!

33:58 - Dr. Kristin Bertsch - New Jersey Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Grant Project Director and Community Service Learning and Leadership Curriculum Director - "for medical students to help them gain self-awareness, knowledge, and skills to become culturally humble and competent physicians in their future practice".

“I love that I get to hear about people's lives- their story, their trauma, their resilience. I feel really lucky. I love teaching medical students about how to be more social justice oriented and inclusive in their practice - doing my small small part to hopefully help close healthcare disparities.”

Watching: Dropout, the Girl from Planview, Abbot Elementary

36:46 - Stephen J. Sell, Psy.D. - Licensed Psychologist and Owner of Healing Path Psychology, LLC in Pennsylvania [https://healingpathpsych.com/

“What I love about our work is that people often surprise me. We can be slogging along working at something for like a year and then one session they just walk in and wham! They’ve suddenly made a major life change. Like when a client walks through the door says they took the leap and got a new job after years of being at one they hate, or they pulled the Bandaid off and ended a toxic relationship, or they finally decided to take a risk and go to a support group after a year of talking about wanting to connect more with other people. Or even when a client tells a goofy joke or shares some kind of amazing technical knowledge about their field of expertise, and you see a side of them you hadn’t before. (Like when I had a client who was a sports trainer who saw me moving around my stiff shoulder to no relief. He asked what was wrong and I said it was just an old injury. He said: “it’s anterior impingement. Do these kinds of stretches for it” and in 30 seconds told me what it took 2 doctors, an MRI and many physical therapy appointments to figure out).”

Watching: “Severance, because I love sci-fi and this one really blends it with psychology in a neat way. My go-to is “The Good Place” and I’ll throw that on and rewatch it frequently. It’s the only show I rewatch. It’s a comedy that’s secretly about moral philosophy, human nature, and existential issues.”

40:12 - Shalena Heard, Ph.D.- Licensed Psychologist; National Register Health Service Psychologist; Staff Psychologist in the neuropsychology department of an outpatient hospital setting & Clinical Director for a young adult sub clinic 

My guest on Episode 19 of the Empowered By Design Podcast: “Singing, Dancing, and Eating Pizza. A Proactive Approach to Maximizing Your Mental Health” - https://www.drlyz.com/blog/podcast-proactive-mental-health-dr-shalena-heard 

“Empowering and meeting people from all walks of life & learning from them as they learn from me”

Watching: The Sopranos

41:48 - Dr. Sepideh Soheilian (Sam) - Assistant Professor University of Baltimore

“I love working with students, especially training future mental health counselors.”

Watching: Ozark


43:50 - Dr. Val Spektor - Staff Psychologist at University of Pennsylvania College Counseling Center


“Something I love about being a psychologist: being continually amazed at how complex and resilient people are and being able to witness their life journeys.” 


Watching: the Ultimatum on Netflix 


45:52 - Dr. David Zelaya - Postdoctoral Research Associate at Brown University School of Public Health and Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School

Recently co-authored a book focused on the history of colonization, trauma, and presenting concerns for Latinx communities - “¿Quiénes somos y de dónde venimos? A Historical Context to Inform Mental Health Services with Latinx Populations.”

I love connecting with people whether it be within a clinical or research setting. I stay true to my identity as a psychologist trained as a scientist-practitioner and I believe there is so much more work we can do to be more effective in linking science with clinical practice and vice-versa. One way to do this is by centering the voices of the individuals we work with to ensure the science stays grounded in the needs of the community.”

Watching the new season of Bridgerton!


49:22 - Dr. Linh Luu - Director of the Student Health and Counseling Services at the University of Memphis

“Something I love about being a psychologist: I get to engage in so many different roles, do many different things, and learn everyday, all the while helping people: clients, therapists-in-training, employees, and even systems. Particularly with every client I work with, through their challenges and growth in therapy, I feel like I see the world with a little more clarity and a lot more humility.”


Watching: Blackish, Home Economics, The Office, Golden Girls; “Our great national parks” 


Our Project in grad school: Navigating Courageous Conversations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYRdlHMoQKs 

54:00 - Thank you for listening!  I am grateful for my privilege of bringing meaningful messages from inspiring individuals who share their stories and empower you to achieve your dreams.

57:46 - Happy Psychology Week! Follow #psychologyweek for more inspiration from others in the field of psychology


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