Empowered By Design with Dr. Lyz

Empowered By Design with Dr. Lyz

Hosted by: Dr. Lyz

Manifest your dreams - in life, love, and biz - with intentional vision. Start with your mental health. This podcast delivers psychological concepts, inspiring conversations, and lessons on the healing power of...


Jackpot 7777 Celebration!, Ep.77

Season #3 Episode #77

Come celebrate with me!!  It’s our last episode of Season 3 and we will be celebrating, reflecting, evaluating, envisioning, designing, and celebrating some more!  I will model our signature formula - Dream, Design,...
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Guided Meditation to Nurture Your Mind - Coming Home to Your Now, Ep.76

Season #3 Episode #76

Nurture your Mind with this guided meditation practice designed to help you tune into your present moment and center yourself by using your breath and your senses. This gentle practice honors the experiences of the...
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My Social Media Sabbatical, Ep.75

Season #3 Episode #75

I am taking a break from social media!! Social media can be fun and energizing, a place to connect and experience joy and laughter.  At times, my relationship with social media feels draining and forced.  So, I am...
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Sexual Health, Hormone Balance, and Surviving Breast Cancer: Feeling Good In Your Skin with Juni Bucher, Ep.74

Season #3 Episode #74

Juni Bucher joins me on this episode - packed full of tools, tips, and strategies that empower you to feel good in your skin right now!  Juni shares her perspective on the power of making intentional effort to...
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A Story of Recovery, Light, and Love with Ben Zaboy, Ep.73

Season #3 Episode #73

Ben Zaboy is a Certified Recovery Specialist and Massage Therapist with a passion and mission to empower others with his message of hope and love.  In this episode, Ben shares his struggle with addiction and his...
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Rising Up With Resilience After Tragedy, Ep.72

Season #3 Episode #72

In this episode I draw our monthly empowerment card.  I also share my honest reaction to the card and my thoughts and emotions related to our power for resilience upon the experience of tragedy and grief.  I invite...
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Golden Light Body Scan Guided Meditation, Ep.71

Season #3 Episode #71

Join me for this episode that includes a 12-minute guided meditation body scan.  The episode begins with a brief introduction about the benefits of meditation and of engaging in the practice of attending to our...
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Interview With Steph Flies: City Mom Collective, Ep.70

Season #3 Episode #70

Steph Flies is the Founder & Director of City Mom Collective - providing “a positive voice for motherhood by connecting moms to resources and parenting perspectives unique to their communities”. Steph and I met at...
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Tips and Considerations for Sharing Your Story, Ep.69

Season #3 Episode #69

There are personal and relational benefits to sharing our story.  Sharing our stories can be an important part in the journey of personal healing and growth.  Relationally, it can help us connect with others and also...
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Invest in Yourself for Mental Health Awareness Month, Ep.68

Season #3 Episode #68

We are kicking off the month of May with the celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month and our passion to empower you to be well - body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit!!  My mission for this podcast is to spread...
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A Guided Meditation: Tuning In, Ep.67

Season #3 Episode #67

I share with you a guided meditation, “Tuning In - Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, + Spirit”.  Engaging in regular meditation practice offers numerous benefits for mental health and overall wellness.  This guided meditation...
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Celebrating Psychology Week: Benefits, Contributions, and Diverse Perspectives, Ep.66

Season #3 Episode #66

The American Psychological Association designated April 17 - April 23, 2022 as Psychology Week to spread awareness of how psychology benefits our world. In this episode, I discuss my love and passion for my work as a...
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