Tips to Deal With Stressful Life Challenges, Ep.64

Join me to learn specific tips that help you deal with AND overcome stressful life challenges. We’ve all been living in a kind of “fight or flight mode” for the past OVER two years, and we are starting to see some hope of coming down from that heightened state of awareness and living with increased freedom and fun again!! In this episode I also draw a surprise Empowerment Card for our monthly dose of empowerment.  I share my reaction and invite you to reflect upon your thoughts, associations as you apply the empowering message and tips to your life.


Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz: Psychology, Love and Relationships, Mental Health and Wellness, Mindset, Self-care, Self-reflection and Personal Growth

Dr. Lyz: Licensed Psychologist; Love + Relationship Specialist; Wellness Entrepreneur

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Show Notes for Episode 64. Tips to Deal With Stressful Life Challenges, Ep.64

Episode Timestamp Notes: 


03:08 - Welcome to Episode 64! - Snacks + Apps - Recap of Episodes 62 and 63 - Our Wedding Day Special and the model of the day for designing and delivering the life and love of your dreams - a blending of love, lives, and family. 


05:22 - Happy Sweet 16 to my niece, Emma!! - Emma is a beautiful, creative soul and the deliverer of our open purple heart favicon and the Empowered By Design podcast covers.

Episode 9 reference and link Designing and Delivering the Life of Your Dreams - Mind, Body, Heart, Soul, Spirit, Ep.9 

09:08 - Sign up now!

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11:46 - Listen to my authentic convo with my love, my partner, Chad and how we use the FUN Love! Formula to keep our relationship fun and healthy. “Tips for Keeping Marriage Fun with My Valentine, Chad” 

Back to the Basics:  Tips for Healthy Communication (Workshop #1) - you will receive the recording when you sign up for the FUN Love! Workshop Series with the coupon code for 20% off registration: PODCAST20: (the direct link) 

14:35 - people who are in healthy relationships report more joy, peace, contentment than those who report relational isolation and loneliness

15:56 - Workshop #2- “STOP Stressing, START Envisioning!”

17:25 - Mental Health Impact of Pandemic: 

19:52 - The workshop “STOP Stressing, START Envisioning!” will deliver specific strategies to decrease stress and to manage it effectively personally and in your relationship.

21:58 - Empowerment Card of the Month: “If it doesn’t challenge you, It won’t change you.”


Tips to Deal With and Overcome Stressful Life Challenges:

✅ Identify your current challenge. Name it.

✅ Attend to your experience in the moment - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

✅ Pause + Reflect on your previous experiences of overcoming challenge.

✅ Identify your desired outcome.

✅ Identify the strengths, abilities, and resources you have.

✅ Identify the support you need.

✅ Align your actions, thoughts, emotions with your goal.

✅ Invite and embrace the energy that will serve you and your vision.


29:44 - When something feels off in your relationship. Pause and talk and make time for connection.

31:48 - Recognize that things can be challenging, use your previous successes and accomplishments to help with your current stressors and challenges.

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