Love your HEART with Confidence, Ep.117

This episode is a continuation of our Season 5 Series - Loving Yourself with Confidence!! I am so excited to bring you this important episode about how to embrace your emotions and your heart with confidence! 

In this episode we discuss - Curiosity, Compassion, and Connection - three very clear strategies to confidently and authentically love yourself and others.  In this episode, I discuss how you can use these strategies to align your behaviors with your personal values, missions, and vision! Remove blocks to success and increase your ability to achieve your dreams in life, love, and biz!

#117 | Season 5, Ep. 18


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#117 - “Love your HEART with Confidence” Show Notes - Links and References:

We are continuing the series for Season 5: “Love with Confidence”. Listen to the foundation and introduction here: 


In this episode we discuss three very clear ways to embrace your heart and emotional experience with confidence: Curiosity, Compassion, and Connection!


We have talked about “Loving Our Body with Confidence” in Episode #107. Tuning inward and listening to our body’s messages. 


We also discussed “Loving Our Mind with Confidence” in Episode #112. Our thoughts, ideas, and concepts we have, in the present, past, and future and its importance in our emotions! 


The end of Season 5 of the Empowered By Design Podcast is nearing, but stay tuned for Loving Your Soul and Spirit with Confidence episodes coming soon! 


Check out Episode #110, “Make More Money using the Enneagram with Angie Meyer”, to learn about the Enneagram test and its application utilizing psychology, spirituality, and science! 


Common across the heart triad is the motivation and power to tune into the emotions of yourself and others. Empathy, compassion, and love are all present in this.


When you start to know, trust, and love yourself, then you know you can be confident in your experiences. 


Do an energy and emotional inventory with me! What messages does your body have for you? What are your thoughts coming up? What distractions may arise as you do this?


Be curious, tuning in without judgment. Have compassion for yourself and others! If it is hard for you to have compassion for yourself, it probably has an impact on your compassion for others.


Giving compassion is so important in the spirit of connection!! Connection keeps us going by feeling fulfilled and purposeful! 


With these elements, we trust ourselves more deeply, and learn to be ourselves more authentically! We learn to trust others with who we are.  


Be yourself, love yourself, and give the gift of confidence and trust to others! 



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