Trusting the Heart and Working your Vision - Nurture the Heart, Ep. 13

Empowered By Design with Dr. Lyz:  Episode 13:  Trusting the Heart and Working your Vision - Nurture the Heart


Dr. Lyz: Licensed Psychologist, Wellness Entrepreneur, Relationship Specialist

Empowered By Design Podcast: Psychology, Mental Health and Wellness, Relationships, Mindset, Self-care, Self-reflection and Personal Growth


In order to trust your heart, you must KNOW your heart and NURTURE your heart!!  In this episode of the Empowered By Design Podcast, we return to the series - Designing and Delivering the Life of Your Dreams - Nurturing your Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit. We chat about the heart - it’s beauty and blessings - the sustainer of our lives with its beating power.  In our lives we have experiences that are heartwarming and also experiences that are heartbreaking.  (Spoiler - I share a bit of gets real, people!!!).  Heartbreak is difficult.  And it’s unpleasant.  Yet, we have the power to not only deal with it, survive it, and THRIVE after heartbreak.   Tune in for some tips on processing, rather than avoiding emotional distress, and why it’s beneficial to do so!  With an open, nurtured heart we are empowered to move with intention towards our dreams and vision!


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Welcome to the podcast, Empowered By Design with Dr. Lyz!  This podcast is designed to bring you psychological concepts in real life terms that will empower a proactive approach to mental health and overall wellness while inviting balance, harmony, connection, and joy.  Lyz DeBoer Kreider, PhD, a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania and New York, shares her passion for helping you pursue your dreams and goals for life and love with intentional vision.  This podcast is about finding and owning your power right now and using it for good, by nurturing the connection of body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit. Empowered By Design Podcast delivers psychological concepts and practical strategies with a real life approach, designed to empower: Health and wellness, Optimal performance, Authentic connection with yourself and others, and purposeful, joyful living.

Dr. Lyz’s Signature Formula: Dream, Design, Deliver

Dream - Reflect, Attend

Design - Create, Plan

Deliver - Align, Evaluate, Celebrate


Download a free guide for using the Dream, Design, Deliver Signature Formula to pursue your dreams with Intentional Vision. And check out Episode 4 for more information on Dr. Lyz’s Dream, Design, Deliver Signature Formula.

Show Notes for Episode 13 of Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz:   Trusting the Heart and Working your Vision - Nurture the Heart

    • We continue the Series - Designing and Delivering the Life of Your Dreams - Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit (Episode 9)
    • Celebrating 503 podcast downloads!!!
      • Thank you!!! Thank you for your support, your 5-star ratings, your reviews, and for sharing the love, spreading the power to others by sending your favorite episodes to your people!!  Thank you.
    • Trusting your Heart begins with knowing your heart, tuning into your heart.
      • My heartwarming story “Something is Calling me to this table”
      • Open up, Pause and listen, Increase your attention and awareness
    • The Heart
      • Significance of the Heartbeat and sustainer of life
      • Symbolic home of the full range of our emotional experiences
    • Heartbreak
      • Emotionally painful, gut wrenching, devastating, debilitating
      • Can contribute to building up walls - emotionally, physically, behaviorally, relationally
        • Can prevent the connection we truly desire
      • Vulnerability is scary and risky; also opens us up to the ultimate experience of fulfillment and joy
    • Benefits of processing, rather than avoiding emotional experience
      • Identify the emotion
      • Avoid judging (labeling) your emotions as “bad” “wrong” or telling yourself “I should not be feeling this way”
      • Acknowledge when an emotional experience is uncomfortable
      • It is not necessarily the emotion that contributes to the distress, the pain, the feeling stuck or out of balance; it can also be the judgment we place that intensifies the pain, discomfort
    • Are you telling yourself stories?
      • Heart break?
      • Struggling to connect?
      • Stories you are starting to believe:
        • I’ll never find love
        • I’m not cut out for true love
        • I can’t make a relationship work
        • I’ll never get off this roller coaster
        • I’ll never be happy in this relationship
        • Maybe I don’t deserve love
        • Love is too hard
        • I should just give up on love
      • Heartbreak is difficult!! - In the moment, it feels like it will never end, will never get better.
    • Invitation to attend to your aspects - body, mind, soul and spirit in addition to the heart:
      • Reflect upon a previous emotional experience.
      • Check in with your emotional experience right now.
      • Envision that which your heart desires.


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