Stepping Boldly Into Your New Season | Tips for Creating Healthy Habits, Ep.36


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Dr. Lyz: Licensed Psychologist, Wellness Entrepreneur, Life and Love Coach

Now is the time to grab your opportunity to step boldly into this new season with intentional vision!  Embrace the gift of change and renewal with peace, grace, and joy!  I guide you through an exercise of reflection, pause, and appreciating your past, reveling in your now and envisioning your future!  This week, the Visionistas Team hosted our Falling Into Healthy Habits Virtual Party.  You will hear some golden takeaways from each member of our team designed to help you create healthy habits while moving into your new season with hope and energy. We also invite you to join us for the Fall 2021 season of Healthy By Design - a virtual coaching program that delivers an intuitive, empowered approach to healthy, joyful living. ⁠

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Show notes for Episode 36: Stepping Boldly Into Your New Season | Tips for Creating Healthy Habits, Ep.36

  • The season of Fall has arrived! - an opportunity for pause, reflection, looking ahead - check out our Signature Formula - Dream Design Deliver!
  • This week we celebrated the move into the new season with our Falling Into Healthy Habits Virtual Party
  • I invite you to Pause, Reflect and Look Back at the previous season - it can be helpful to acknowledge your reactions.
    • Things that have gone well.  Things that we are holding onto.  Emotions, reactions, thoughts, tangible items that carry meaning, memories, nostalgia.
    • Be intentional about what you choose to hold onto and that which you can let go. 
  • Appreciate your now.
  • Envision:
    • What do you need, desire, long for?
    • Invite it, see it, receive it, embrace it!
  • Connect with the energy of your now and beyond.
    • Connect with yourself, the energy of the collective, the spiritual realm, divinity.
  • Step Boldly into this new Season with Peace, Grace
  • Transformation, change, growth is a process.  It doesn’t just happen in one meeting, one’s embracing of a process
  • Meditation version on YouTube
  • and join us next week for our free guided meditation series - Mid-Day Magic with Dr. Lyz!!! 
  • Golden Takeaways from our Falling Into Healthy Habits Virtual Party on September 21, 2021 with the Visionistas Team!  
  • We love this quote: “Today is your day to start fresh, to eat right, to train hard, to live healthy, and to be proud” - Bonnie Pfiester
  • From Hannah Bennett - “You cannot make positive change by not changing! I love the quote from Bonnie Pfiester for that reason. Often, we think we need to wait for ‘the perfect day’, but no day is ever perfect. So, just start - no hesitation.” 
  • From Dr. Lyz - “When we want to really take care of ourselves and really nurture ourselves it is all about balancing...balancing the energy that we take in, that we give off...and when we talk about habits, there’s different energy that they give off!”
  • From Samantha Arnold - “[Cleaning out your closet...purging items] can be very therapeutic and nostalgic going through all the pieces...and looking at all the clothes that you have in there and remembering the times that you’ve worn it...Splurge on a bag, because why not? You deserve it. You only live once.” 
  • From Aliya Kenyatta - “One of the healthiest habits that I am an advocate for are check-ins. That is if you are partnered, or if you are single. Checking in with yourself is an amazing habit to start whenever you can.”

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  • “I have a sense of confidence at the end of this journey that I didn’t have before.  Once I understood the connection that Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit have with each other and the need to find balance, my entire feeling about myself changed. It was both liberating and profound! Feelings of Joy and acceptance that I once tried to ignore, now are things that occur on a regular basis. … Participation in the Healthy By Design Program helped me to stop 'dragging my feet' and take meaningful action. Now I know that I am on the right path to where I want to go, who I want to be. I can't begin to list all the positive things that have happened as a result of Healthy by Design. I'm extremely grateful to the Visionistas for what they have done for me." - G, a 2021 Spring Healthy By Design Program Participant


  • K said, “I was really stressed out when I started and feeling burnt out more often than not. I took it [the resiliency assessment] at the beginning of the course and just re-took it. My [resiliency] score went, I think that is remarkable!”, and, “My goal [for the program] was to gain more self-esteem/confidence and finally get myself healthy...I am happy to report that I have been working with a personal trainer for almost a month. I am actually looking at myself on my computer right now and am calling myself pretty. I have not said that in so long about myself. It is so cool….Regarding overall thoughts about the program, it was a wonderful, wonderful program and I am very proud to be a part of it”. - K, a 2021 Spring Healthy By Design Program Participant

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