Soar In 2024! Celebrate + Illuminate with a Card Pull! Ep.141

Let’s Celebrate! In this episode, we celebrate our wins from 2023 and illuminate our path to SOAR in 2024! I share with you the Angel Number message 111 from “The Angel Numbers Book: How to Understand the Messages Your Spirit Guides Are Sending You” by Mystic Michaela. We do a card pull from “The Wild Unknown Archetypes” Deck and Guidebook by Kim Krans. For me, pulling cards is a fun way to illuminate and bring attention to some important messages from the beyond and information that might be hiding below the surface of our conscious awareness. We make meaning of the cards in our lives right now, reflecting on and celebrating where we have been, and illuminating a plan of action in line with our vision and dreams for the future!


#141 | Season 6: Rejoice! Ep. 15

#141 “Soar In 2024! Celebrate + Illuminate with a Card Pull!” Show Notes - Links and References:

“Make More Money with the Enneagram and Your Energy Flow” with my...

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Girl With A Game Plan with Heather Gidusko, Ep.140

“Become the Superstar of your life…live with meaning, purpose, and passion.”  I am so excited to bring you this empowering, energizing, and FUN chat with Heather Gidusko, author of the book: “Girl With A Game Plan - from benchwarmer to the superstar of your life in 8 weeks”.  Heather shares the inspiration for her life-changing book… “your transformative guide, providing you with practical tips to create a personalized and effective Game Plan”.


Heather reveals her secrets to success in life, love, and biz, and she answers “the dirty dozen” - 12 thought-provoking and revealing personal questions! We chat about our overlapping passion for empowerment; community over competition; attunement to body, mind, and spirit; and spreading LOVE!!! “Celebrate your wins, learn from your losses, and fill your life with love and empowerment.” Now is the time to tune in with Heather Gidusko and...

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A Romantic Glance at Love + Loyalty, Ep.139

How to ask for and receive what you need in love!! In this episode, I share information based on psychological research with tips and strategies from top psychologists and therapists in the world who contributed to Psychology Today’s December 2023 cover story: Love & Loyalty.  Make your love the best! 


#139 | Season 6: Rejoice! Ep. 13

#139 “A Romantic Glance at Love + Loyalty” Show Notes - Links and References:

We are talking all about love! We LOVE love at Visionistas By Design!! 


Psychology Today, December 2023, Love & Loyalty: How to Ask For (& Get) What You Need In a Relationship 


“How Loyalty Begets Love” by Hara Estroff Marano


  • an alloy of emotional support, protection, and respect - 
  • it’s foundational to partnerships of any kind, but especially to love. 
  • ...
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Love At First Sight, Ep.138

Do you believe in love at first sight? (I do! ) Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? (I have!) I'm sharing that and more in this episode! I discuss cutting edge information from psychologists and researchers about the topic of intuition! “When to trust your sixth sense about danger, romance, health, and more!” from Psychology Today’s publication. Trust your gut, follow your heart, and let’s chat about all things intuition - how it shows up, how you can trust it, when you should use it, (and when you shouldn’t!) - in life, love, and biz!

#138 | Season 6: Rejoice! Ep. 12

#138 “Love At First Sight” Show Notes - Links and References:

Psychology Today, August 2023, Intuition


"How Do You Know If You’re Really Sick?" By Dustin W. Ballard, M.D. 

"Discerning Friend From Foe" by Joe Navarro 

"The Science of Love At First Sight"...

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Good Vibes & Gratitude with a card pull! Ep.137

This is the perfect time to lift up and share our good vibes and to express our gratitude! In this season of gratitude, good vibes, and new beginnings we celebrate the opportunity to look back and reflect; to appreciate where we are right now, and to peek into our vision and dreams for the future! Tune in for a card pull from two decks: “The Wild Unknown Archetypes” Deck and Guidebook by Kim Krans and “The Moon Deck” Oracle Cards & Guidebook by Aarona Lea; Illustrated by Andrea Keh.


We make meaning of the cards in our lives right now, reflecting on where we have been, and in line with our vision and dreams for the future!


#137 | Season 6: Rejoice! Ep. 11


#137 “Good Vibes + Gratitude + a card pull!” Show Notes - Links and References:

Card #1: The Womb (XLVI)

Card #2: Guidance (16): “I am on the right path and divinely guided”

Card #3: Love (24): “I love myself completely and unconditionally”


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Tips: How to Nail an Interview with Madeline Haller, Ep.136

Interviews can be scary, nerve-racking, and intimidating!  We have the tips to make your next interview AMAZING!! Madeline Haller is a junior at Penn State University where she is pursuing a double major in human resources and psychology. Madeline has been on both sides of many successful interviews, and she joins me on this episode to share a few of her most important tips so that you enter into your next interview with confidence!  


#136 | Season 6: Rejoice! Ep. 10

#136 “Tips: How to Nail an Interview” Show Notes - Links and References:    

Snacks and Apps:


Introducing Madeline Haller for her very first guest appearance on the podcast!

We discuss: the Fun experiences we shared with Madeline as our intern and the overview of our signature Dream, Design, Deliver formula - for more details on the formula, listen to podcast episode #4: 


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Improve Your Self-worth, Ep.135

I guide you through 5 key steps to improve your self-worth. Tune in for tips, tools, and strategies that you can start using today! Our self-love 101 program helps you enhance your confidence, decrease your stress, increase your joy, and improve your self-worth.


#135 | Season 6: Rejoice! Ep. 9

#135 “Healthy Relationships: Improve Your Self-Worth” Show Notes - Links and References:    

Snacks and Apps:


Girls’ trip, Hoco, and more!  - Meet my BFFs - Erica, Meridith, Heather +  Allison, Ep.85!


Tips to improve your self-worth:

1 Celebrate accomplishments and success!

2 Express gratitude.

3 Create a plan to bring more success and feelings of worth.

4 Take action today on your plan!

5 Celebrate some more!

Our Self-Love 101 Master Course is a great place to start on your mission of investing time, energy, and care into your mental health and wellness. It can help...

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Be Your Own Best Friend, Ep.134

In this episode we are talking about friendship, tips for healthy relationships, and being your own best friend! Have you ever wondered: why do my relationships feel out of balance? Why do I feel like I give so much time and energy to the people that I love, but I don’t get the same in return? Why am I always available for others but when I need someone, nobody is available?  If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, this episode is for you!  Learn tips to maintain healthy relationships that help you feel more balanced, connected, and happy! 

#134 | Season 6: Rejoice! Ep. 8

#134 “Healthy Relationships: Be Your Own Best Friend” Show Notes - Links and References:    

Snacks and Apps:

One of my new friends: Jennie, the Comfy Cozy Witch and owner of the Comfy Cozy Apothecary: 


Insight Timer App: ...

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Healthy Relationships: How to Have a Difficult Conversation, Ep.133

We’ve all done that thing - we have to talk about something uncomfortable - but we don’t want to. Deep down, we know we should have a conversation, but the anticipation is so uncomfortable that we avoid it. We might be fearful of how the other person is going to react; or we don’t want to start a fight; or we just don’t want to experience the emotional discomfort.  Avoidance of discomfort can seem like the right decision in the moment, but chronic avoidance can lead to negative stress reactions and unhealthy relationship experiences. In today’s episode, I share the formula for having courageous conversations, from Singleton and Linton’s (2005) book Courageous Conversations About Race. 

#133 | Season 6: Rejoice! Ep. 7


#132 “Healthy Relationships: How to Have a Difficult Conversation” Show Notes - Links and References:    

Courageous Conversations About Race,...

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Empowering a New You: Healing from Narcissistic Abuse with Vicky Alercia Ep. 132

“We deserve to live healthy lives in every aspect possible,” states Vicky Alercia, Licensed Professional Counselor. Vicky joins me on this week’s episode and discusses her passion for helping others achieve “true freedom” from narcissistic abuse through healing, empowerment, collaboration, and advocacy. She shares her own story of healing and growth after her experience of divorce, narcissistic abuse, and toxic family relationships.  Vicky talks about her mission to help others speak up for themselves, heal after leaving toxic relationships, and engage in a journey of self-love and true freedom with faith and hope. 


You are not alone. If you have ever found yourself in a relationship that makes you think “something doesn’t feel right here” or that makes you ask yourself, “am I crazy?” - this episode might help you. Vicky and I discuss important aspects of healing with a holistic, relational, and...

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