Jackpot 7777 Celebration!, Ep.77

Come celebrate with me!!  It’s our last episode of Season 3 and we will be celebrating, reflecting, evaluating, envisioning, designing, and celebrating some more!  I will model our signature formula - Dream, Design, Deliver - to look back over the previous few months in reflection, appreciation, and gratitude.  We attend to and celebrate what is happening right now, and we  look forward to the future with intentional vision!  I also share the meaning of 7777 and invite you to make meaning of it for your passion, purpose, and vision!

Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz: Psychology, Love and Relationships, Mental Health and Wellness, Mindset, Self-care, Self-reflection and Personal Growth

Dr. Lyz: Licensed Psychologist; Love + Relationship Specialist; Wellness Entrepreneur

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Show Notes for Episode 77: Jackpot 7777 Celebration!, Ep.77

Episode Timestamp Notes: 

0:00 - Welcome to the celebration episode for Season 3! 

02:11 - Episode 77 on 7/7!! Welcome to the Jackpot 7777 celebration! Stay tuned to the end of the episode where we will make specific meaning and apply it to our goals, vision, and mission.

04:44 - Envisioning - Season 4 will begin on 8/08, we will be taking time during the break to rest, reset, reflect, rejuvenate. 

05:42 - Reflecting - Here at Visionistas By Design - We Empower You to Fly!! We also empower you (and ourselves) to come back to the nest to rest.

06:44 - Please subscribe to the Empowered By Design Podcast on your favorite platform so that you are alerted when we come back for Season 4 on 8/08/22 and so that you don’t miss an episode!

07:27 - Our Signature Formula: Dream, Design, Deliver - described with the invitation for you to apply it to your life in order to accomplish your goals and dreams with intentional vision.  What is my vision? Dream Phase: Envision, Pause, Reflect, Attend; 

09:46 - Design Phase: Create, Plan, and Organize our actions around our vision using SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely, Self-Directed; Deliver Phase: Align, Evaluate, and Celebrate.

12:22 - It is our mission to empower you to live with balance, authenticity, joy, and love. Thank you for being a part of our vision!

16:02 - Inviting you to pause, reflect and use the Dream, Design, Deliver formula and apply it to your life - look around at your life, what makes you smile? What brings you joy?

18:30 - Top 3 downloaded episodes in Season 3:  

  1. “Tips for Keeping Marriage Fun! Meet My Valentine, Chad, Ep.56” - https://www.drlyz.com/blog/podcast-tips-for-keeping-marriage-fun-ep56 
  2. “Our Happy 1st Birthday Celebration, Ep.55” - https://www.drlyz.com/blog/podcast-happy-birthday-celebration-ep55 
  3. “Tips for Empowering Success and Making Work Fun! with Ashley Thomas, Ep.57” - https://www.drlyz.com/blog/podcast-tips-for-empowering-success-and-making-work-fun-with-ashley-thomas-ep57 

24:02 - Thank you for supporting this podcast by listening, rating and reviewing it, by spreading the love and sharing the power with people you love.

25:28 - Celebrating the importance of identifying and defining our Core Values and sharing with you how to get started.

29:02 - Celebrating the creation of Our FUN Love! Formula - I created the formula and delivered it originally in our FUN Love! Couples Workshop.  Envisioning and Redesigning - I have a  plan to organize and streamline our services - mental health treatment; relationship coaching; visionary leadership consultation.

32:08 - On love and the importance of nurturing throughout the course of the relationship cycles - beginnings, middles, and endings. 

34:34 - We close a door and we open a new one. We grieve relationship endings, we rely on our faith and belief in the promise and hope of the future, and we move forward in line with our goals and vision.

36:40 - During this season, the first part of 2022, we have said goodbye to Samantha Arnold Frack. Aliya Kenyatta has left our team as well.  As a team, we spend time reflecting and celebrating the relationships and connections we have made, we spend time processing our emotions and grieving the end, and we spend time support each other in adjusting to the changes.

39:02 - Hannah Bennett will be staying on at Visionistas By Design and she will start her graduate program in psychology this fall and watch her to continue to fly!

Embracing Change with Hannah Bennett, Ep.35 - https://www.drlyz.com/blog/podcast-embracing-change-with-hannah-bennett-ep35 

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40:50 - Celebrating and Envisioning: The Visionistas Team Dream Retreat to connect, reflect, envision, and plan with our guide Sophie Hami, who was a guest on the podcast “Manifest Your Destiny of Abundance with Sophie Hami, Ep.60”: https://www.drlyz.com/blog/podcast-manifest-destiny-of-abundance-with-sophie-hami-ep60 

42:00 - Link to our podcast website to see all the episodes: https://www.drlyz.com/empowered-by-design-podcast 

43:03 - Reflecting on the Mom Summit, my “momcation” with my sister-in-law, Erin, and the takeaway message on the importance of sharing our stories;   “Tips and Considerations for Sharing Your Story, Ep.69”: https://www.drlyz.com/blog/podcast-69 

46:12 - Reflecting on my May 2022 TikTok Challenge; to spread empowerment and mental health awareness with attention to the importance of life/work balance through education, inspiration, and entertainment.

47:46 - Stay connected with us during our Social Media Sabbatical and our break between seasons 3 and 4 of the podcast by signing up for my email list: https://www.drlyz.com/DDD

49:28 - Reflecting and Evaluating: What didn’t go well?? - My goal to learn how to play the guitar. “50! Celebrating Dreams Come True in 2022, Ep.50” - https://www.drlyz.com/blog/podcast-50-celebrating-dreams-come-true-in-2022-ep50 

52:32 - Redesigning - I don’t know what will  happen with Stella, but I am trusting and hoping that something will come and show me the way.

54:28 - Celebrating Dreams Come True in 2022 - relationship coaching with a bride in my first official Premarital Couples Coaching Program!!

57:07 - Celebrating the sign - Episode 77 on 7/7!! 

60:31 - “Number 7777 represents spiritual enlightenment and peace of mind. It's not a fluke that it shows up at this time. It shows that you are grown enough to make rational decisions and create positive changes in your life. A strong attitude and trust in your feelings are what your guardian angels are informing you of.” 


63:00 - I can’t wait to meet you back here on 8/08 for Season 4!

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